oh. holy. jesus.



assThe upstairs neighbor has an electric drum set.

This guy is an insomniac. And he has a lot of toys. He gets them shipped in by train I think. Some of them are more traumatic than others. Like. When he got new ski boots, he thought the appropriate action was to put them on every night and hop. Over and over again. On a concrete floor. Until 5 am in the morning. For three nights running. Until I tracked that easter bunny down and talked to him about hopping at 5 am on concrete floors in ski boots.

Now. A drum set. An. Electric. Drum. Set.

What kind of !@?!! sets up an electric drum set in an apartment? You put a drum set in a garage. You put a drum set in a sound studio. You do not put a freaking electric drum set in an apartment with neighbors one wall away. I do not care if they call it a “loft.” It has attached walls.

He is chagrined I have a problem with the drum set.


where the art work comes from :
that is from theresa manzanares

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  1. Slip him a note under the door about getting some
    @!%#ing headphones.
    Unless it is the guy who helped you hang those pictures. Let him try out your headphones.

  2. max

    Oh this is Scott upstairs, I have his phone number and either call or show up in person with wild eyes and murderous hair.

    Mark is much nicer and quieter and lives downstairs.

    It is an odd twist I have evil drum guy’s phone number, and not nice knows how to work with power tools guy’s phone number. I need to fix my priorities I think.

  3. See, he should be happy you have a problem with the drum set. If it were ME and my “neighbor”, he’d be chagrined cause I’d have a large problem with HIM.

    Of course, this all stems from childhood, my brother (who’s now a pro drummer) had drums set up on the other side of my bedroom! Needless to say, I’ve precious little patience (or tolerance) for drummers and their hella annoying rat-tat-tat-tat, regardless of the hour.

  4. max

    There is a special place in heaven for people who grow up with musicians. Anyone who suffers through that much “practice” gets the super sparkley halo and wings. Also, you get lash glitter too if it was a drummer because drummers are the hardest.

  5. Oh well, then I get TWO sets of sparkly wings and great gobs of lash glitter… my baby sister? Bagpipes. I shit you not. At least the bro has played with the likes of one of the guys from REM, the sis? Nada.

  6. max

    Holy cats, bagpipes? Oh I think you achieve immediate sainthood for that we need to write the cardinals right away about this.

    The Evil Neighbor Insomnia Boy saga escalates. Apparently, Evil Neighbor Insomnia Boy, not content with just drums, just got a sparkley new electric keyboard to go with his sparkley new electric drums. I discovered this at 5:30 am this morning when Insomnia Boy played his new keyboard at high volume. I went upstairs and knocked. Evil Neighbor Insomia Boy did not answer the door — partially clad wild haired women are maybe a little scary at 5:30 am — but the “music” stopped and that was good enough for me.

  7. Well, I would petition for sainthood but I know better… besides, I can’t stand religion. Spirituality? Ah yup. Religion? Pass.

    See, you’re still being nice… I wouldn’t have knocked on his door, I’d of had the cops doing it.

  8. max

    Hey, do not knock sainthood, you get your own parade if you are a saint.

  9. LOL, not knocking sainthood, just seriously doubting they’d give it to me… knowing alls I know about me and my lesbian ways… ;)

  10. Okay, Kitty is right. That guy needs headphones.

    Sweet Baby James plays everything — including electric drums. And when he figured out he was bugging the guy downstairs, okay well he kept doing it because he didn’t like the guy, but AFTER that he put a pillow under something on the floor (the drums? the thing his foot hits? I don’t know) and started using headphones.

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