oh holy jesus: part deux


curious cow


For some reason I just out of curiosity was hitting what’s new links. I do this sometimes. And I hit the Max and Cow link. And I am watching Flash Max & Cow, cracking up thinking, Wow, that was really funny. [I crack myself up a lot, I do not even care if you think it is funny, I do, and that is good enough for me.] And I get to episode 3, which to this day is only an html link because I got too busy to flash out episode 3, even though [scary] there are actually seven episodes, sorry you cannot see them, but meanwhile, there I am seeing the flash eps, and then I get to 3 which is only html ready and hit the link and —

Dead link.

No go.

I think, huh? Is the link bad?

I backtrack. I try to go to the html pages. But, hey, no go there either. And what I discover is, an entire section of Max and Cow is gone, missing, not there. A huge fucking file. The whole thing. Except for two flash episodes.

There was a big shake up on the server the sites are on a while back. This shake up is so long ago I do not remember even a date here. I do remember doing a lot of clean up and reloading and cursing. But it never occurred to me then to check Max and Cow pages then. All of which means —

Sometime this year, Max and Cow went down.

And stayed down.


Max and Cow is one of my favorite things. I think it is all up now. I am not sure. It is late. I am wonky. I could be wrong. I do know a hell of a lot of test pages went up right along with the real pages — which is going to play hell with search engines — because I just loaded the whole damn file, forget what is supposed to be up and what is not supposed to be up. Loaded it all. Scary. Wonder what the search engines will grab that they are not supposed to. But. Hey. If you haven’t, go see Max and Cow. It is one of my favorite things. And write me back if one of those links does not load okay?

The Adventures of Max & Cow

Love & Kisses,

Your Girl With Cow


ps : there was an entire ftp disaster around here in may courtesy of my cable provider [thank you creative environments] so we are going to back up and pretend really hard this is a june thought even though it is, um, july oops — that is so far as seemaxrun is concerned, if you never visit seemaxrun, well, there were blog posts and you are fine, i think


7 Responses to oh holy jesus: part deux

  1. SEVEN episodes? And we can’t see them???

  2. max

    Well they were never all finished. They are named and plotted but in pieces here and there still so never went up.

  3. Eddie

    While Max’s dialogue could use some work, the cow’s is dynamic.

  4. Um, why would the cow need a curling iron?

  5. max

    Why wouldn’t Cow need a curling iron?

    [Cow steals all the good dialogue, she is a total prima donna.]

  6. I always loved Max and Cow. This is the first time I see the flash version. These are cool.–>

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