ode to a french fry


french fries



French fries

totally rock.

That is all.





this post inspired by :
ode to a poutine by sulya
who is misguided and thinks gravy on fries is okay

where the art work comes from :
that is french fries by outofcontxt

20 Responses to ode to a french fry

  1. And I have a friend who douses his fries with malt vinegar. That just seems wrong. A really good fry only needs salt.

  2. max

    Oh clearly your friend has been freakishly influenced by Brits.

    [Damn, Brits again, and this time they are after the French fries.]

  3. sulya

    French Fries are good (when they’re good).

    French Fries with salt are excellent.

    French Fries with salt and loads of good malt vinegar standing by the sea in England are very fine indeed.

    French Fries eaten from a cone with a little wooden fork and mayonaise in The Netherlands is heavenly.

    I am fairly non-judgmental when it comes to French Fries. I’m a freewheelin’ condiment lovin’ experimental kind of gal…

    But, Poutine is not French Fries. Poutine is Poutine…

  4. max

    Oh a little gravy and squeaky cheese does not change French fries into some new barbaric dish [well barbaric yes but new dish no] French fries are French fries.

  5. brut

    Sulya should enjoy this. A friend of mine recently opened a restaurant in one of the IN neighborhoods of New York and has several types of Poutine on the menu. But, get this. I “think” they begin around $15US and up. And, customers are not opposed to ordering some of the best wines to wash them down.
    Poutine, is the latest food fad in New York.

  6. max

    Well sure. They have figured out a way to charge $15 for a cup o’ French fries and make it status symbol to order.

  7. sulya

    Brut -thank you fo rsharing -that’s fun. a good poutine should be under ten dollars Canadian (way under ten) and not so much with the wine … That said, at least those New Yorkers are givin’ a poutine a go…

    max – if there is a patron saint of poutine (and I suspect there is) she’s got her eye on you…

  8. Hey Brut, where is this restaurant in NYC?

    Personally, I am a french fries with mayo girl.

  9. max

    I will hide behind St. Francis.

  10. Thanks Brut.

    $13?? For fries? They better be damn good.

  11. brut

    ahh, American capitalism. love it love it love it

  12. brut

    Somebody mentioned a Poutine place on Decarie in Montreal. Sulya, was that you? Did they mean Decarie Hot Dog, just down from the Metro station?

  13. max

    Wait. Sulya suggested I travel 3,000 miles to go to a train station hot dog stand?

  14. brut

    Hey, Max, they are not just ANY hot dog.

    Oui Oui Non Non… (that’s an inside joke)

    And for YOU, they’re on the house.

  15. YES THEY DO AND BELGIAN ARE THE BEST! the besstttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  16. Belgian fries are truly the best.

    And poutine is poutine and I’m hungry for some of that right now, Max and Sulya, you girls are in trouble.

  17. max

    Am not.


  18. sulya

    Kitty, if it makes you feel any better I food teased myself and still haven’t had a poutine…. Plus, you’re one to talk with the yummy biscuits over at your blog… jeez.

  19. There is only one cure for poutine deprivation. Time to visit the Old City.

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