black and white easter eggs

number four and easter eggs

I’m admiring Easter egg designs I will probably never rally myself at all to do.

I like monochrome and black & white. Also foil eggs are really pretty.

I’m pretty sure children would not be as excited about monochrome and foiled eggs. Children have really garish taste and like huge big splashy colors. I tell myself that’s self preservation and about being easy to spot lost at sea or in the wilderness when you are small. That is for sure not true. It makes children’s terrible taste more forgivable to me though.

I have been voted Number Four in most hot woman in the apartment building. Ooh la la!

I found this out Sunday when I was grabbing a smoke and ran into the A&A guys.

A-One had had a lot to drink and A-Two was clearly pretty sure A-One should not be divulging this information to me (he so should not) I could sense A-Two wildly shaking his head “No!” behind my back as A-One told me I had been voted Number One in smarts (nice!) and Number Four in hotness (uh ohs).

Now I have to track down three other women in the building and knock them off.

Dammit, A-One! Did you not consider the consequences of divulging this information?


Easter Sunday I will either be making really pretty monochrome Easter eggs.

Or —

Tracking down and eliminating my hotness competition in the building.

It could go either way. I’m unpredictable.

Love and Kisses,

Your Number Four Today Number One Tomorrow Adams Girl

PS: You can check out more pretty black and white Easter eggs :::here:::

2 Responses to number four and easter eggs

  1. Either way, call me if you need help ( evil wink )

  2. seemaxrun

    I did not see this before. I am so putting you on speed dial for future subversive activities.

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