november rain


rainIt is raining today.

It was a hard pounding rain this morning. Now it is soft and gentle coming down outside. The fire is burning. It is warm here.

And safe.


*ps : you must go see this blogmiss pants found it and it is cute as hell


11 Responses to november rain

  1. We might get snow- wind or maybe rain or maybe all three over the weekend.

    Chaos is so cool

  2. Kym

    We’re pleading for a bit of snow for the Christmas tree hunt tomorrow.

  3. The mountains here have snow, but down at sea level it’s just above freezing except at night, which means no after-dark rollerblading for moi. Still, I’m glad you have the rain and we, for once, don’t.

  4. Snowing here this morning. That’ll teach ME to gloat!

  5. max

    Uh oh. That better not be Kym’s snow. She will be so mad you stole her tree hunt snow.

  6. Kym

    Raincoaster stole my snow! But we had fun anyway!

  7. Come get it: I put some in the freezer for you.

  8. Kym

    Used snow….I don’t think so. Snow should be pristine.

  9. max

    Jeez. Snow descrimination.

  10. So that’s what ol’ Axl was singin’ about,huh?

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