notes from a food taunter


I receive the following in email :


1) I will have choc coated honeycomb in chat tomorrow

2) I will be letting you know that first occasion I opt to pick one up and devour it

3) You should get your ass to the store between now and then and get chocolate


*Note to self : get ass to store and get chocolate.


3 Responses to notes from a food taunter

  1. aj

    That email sounds like it is from a very considerate person.


  2. max

    Surely you are confused and meant to say a very evil food taunter.

    I have not gone to the store yet either damn you.

  3. max

    Okay for the food taunters in the studio audience I will have you know I am now armed with chocolate turtles AND rocky road ice cream AND in a pre-emptive strike let me just mention I am enjoying a frosty and refreshing Diet Coke as I type.

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