not today


longing for god’s houseMiss Adams —

Cannot post today. She is too bloated.

See you tomorrow.


Maybe ripping up some Victoria’s Secret catalogs will appease me.


where the art work comes from :
that is longing for god’s house by terri lynn

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  1. Bloated is a state of mind.

  2. You are not bloated, it’s…muscle, right?

  3. So many things I could say before getting decapitated . . . . .

  4. max

    Um. Right. Muscle. Now I will don all white and go dance with butterflies or canoe or something.

  5. “So many things I could say before getting decapitated . . . . .”

    Should have thought about that first.

  6. Who dares wi – – KACHUNK!

  7. max

    You know a woman was in on it when they were inventing Wing Chun who one day said, Listen, I have cramps, there must be a way to take that guy’s head off without moving too much. And low and behold, the one inch punch was born.

  8. conundrum

    Wow – It must be so miserable to be so bloated that your fingers are too big to fit on the keyboard.

    Maybe you could do that steven hawking thing of typing with a straw or pencil sticking out of your mouth.

    I guess we will just wait for you to come back to us.

  9. max

    Con, darling, I am not incapable of typing, I am just surly enough I thought I would spare you my wrathful phase. That can change at any moment though. :::delicate cough:::

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