not so cynical girl


bentburnYou are 20% cynical.

Cynical? Not even close! If anything, you’re a bit naive.
Overall, you enjoy life and try not to be paranoid. Even if you’ve been burned before.


:::how cynical are you:::

where the art work comes from :
that is an image by michael bentburn

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  1. 24% cynical – Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions.
    You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you’re not anybody’s fool.

  2. I got 20% also. I don’t buy it. I don’t feel all that trusting. Jeeze I’m grouchy lately!

  3. Conundrum

    I got 48% because I’m listed a more of a realist.

    I was expecting maybe 89%. What a surprise. Maybe I was not answering accurately because I was feeling stupid for not being able to figure out the subject of today’s picture.

  4. You Are 60% Cynical

    Yes, you are cynical, but more than anything, you’re a realist.
    You see what’s screwed up in the world, but you also take time to remember what’s right.

    Wish I wasn’t a realist- they don’t have fun.
    I mean WE don’t have much fun.

  5. I am also twenty percent!

    I wonder what we both checked off, Max?

  6. max

    Holy cats. Anita, how did you get 60%?

    I thought the results were pretty funny because I think of myself as cynical. But hell I think of this as a cynical crowd and look at all the girly scores in the 20’s and then Anita comes slamming in with a 60% and Conundrum with almost 50%.

    I feel like a wuss.

  7. 36%
    Generally you give people the benefit of the doubt. But there are exceptions.
    You buy into many of the things that mainstream society believes, but you’re not anybody’s fool.

    i know a bunch of folks that would say otherwise

  8. I don’t know how I got 60%- but I think there’s a difference between being a Critical Thinker and a Cynic. This quiz sort of treated both thought processes like they’re the same.

    I’ll bet if you re-worded it people wouldn’t be surprised by the score.


  9. Eddie

    I got 60%, but I figure the quiz is rigged.

  10. aj

    I got 20 per cent. I think ticking ‘self help people are recycled garbage’ got me that.

  11. You are a little naive, uh huh… leaving early like that.

  12. aj

    Yeah, really, what was she thinking? “I have to go kids, behave, I know you will, it is not like any of you have a bad bone in your body and would do anything malicious like TP my blog”.

  13. Yeah, as if we would do that.

  14. aj

    I would do it. Only under the influence of someone older and manipulative and from say, I dunno, Texas.

  15. I would never do that.

  16. Oh, I’m being blamed for this one?

  17. It’s Michele’s fault.

  18. aj

    Oh, Michele is not from Texas? My mistake. I never knew what it was about Michele that made me fear for my life if I did not follow.

    Like tonight for example, I would never TP Max’s blog, but here I am, under the influence of Michele once again. Sigh.

  19. Ha!

    Kitty “Okay, it’s your turn Michele”

  20. And Chris, he egged us on and yet he isn’t here. Hmmm.

  21. aj

    Well, threatening to play the Sound of Music soundtrack again can be pretty pursuasive.

  22. “By the time Max figures out who did it, I’ll be sitting on a beach earning . . . 20%”

  23. yeah, we’ll do anything to escape his wrath.

  24. aj

    Only twenty per cent? Wow, you need a new agent.

  25. Hey AJ, that 80% is for us, don’t tell him that.

  26. aj

    He has ten fingers. Give him an hour or so and he’ll work it out.

  27. He better come out here and earn his 20%.

  28. aj

    Typical. Michele lures us in here, then runs, leaving us behind in the trenches. Chris comes in like a frail little soldier, then runs at the thought of fire.

    Guess it is just you and me, Kit. You pack any grenades or we just out to mark a wall or two tonight?

  29. I dug us a trench here, I’m ready for action.

  30. aj

    I say we blow the joint. Line it with some C4, makes us a margarita, trot off a few hundred metres, and watch the place blow.

    Whatta ya say?

  31. Mayday, mayday, soldier down on the floor laughing her ass off.

  32. “Michele lures us in here, then runs, leaving us behind in the trenches” – y’all scare me.

  33. Okay, soldier, no fraidy cats on the front line.

  34. aj

    Corporal. Why don’t you tell her what the protocol is for dealing with fraidy cats.

  35. Michele, you flank over three clicks, 30 degrees.
    You’re on recon.

  36. I have no idea what tha means

  37. Leutenant, you have any ideas?

  38. aj

    Sir yes sir!

    First we take their gun. Then we reload it. Then we turn them into a pin cushion, Sir!

  39. What do we do with the flamethrower?
    Private Michele, you got a light?

  40. why am I only a private?

  41. Psssst. Michele. I don’t want to say you are the general, you will be shot immediately if everyone knows that.
    Ahem. Private Michele. Light?

  42. max

    Wow. One night I leave you to your own devices and look at you rampaging the blog. You even got Chris in on it and Chris has never tp’d a blog in his life.

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  44. max

    I have said it before. Happy Meals kill.

  45. I got 16%. I am embarrassed. The questions were stupid though. I can be hellishly cynical.

  46. max

    Wow Vanessa according to that score you are full of childlike wonder.

  47. 44%. Me, the optimist.
    I’m shocked. (yet suspicious of those results).

  48. sulya

    I got 16% max. It feels right somehow… Now, if this were a quizz about being bitter we’d have something else to talk about… [wink]

  49. sulya

    I can’t believe I put two z’s at the end of quiz. I’m being eaten alive by mosquitos. I blame them. There isn’t enough blood to my brain.

  50. max

    Oh I think quizz looks better with two z’s. Pretend it was on purpose and is just an affectation.

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