norma talmage max!

This is really fun to me. I posted this photo [which originally featured silent film star Norma Talmage] saying, Oh yez, that is what I want to be. Then I got taunted. So I photoshopped me into the photo.

[I don’t really use Photoshop. I hate Photoshop. But it has become a verb easier to use than, what? Graphics manipulation?]


Max: Bow, Puny Weeklings!

Bow! Bow! Bow before me, puny mortals! Yay!


2 Responses to norma talmage max!

  1. Patricia Burroughs aka Pooks

    So fitting. When you’re 99 and bite the dust, I hope this is the picture they include with all your accolades!

  2. Max

    You are assuming I am going to bite the dust? I am going to live forevah! [Let us hope this is a good thing.]

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