nobody does it like kolchak


For people who have missed Kolchak or just do not have scifi channel so they can catch Kolchak [dark glance at Kym] or maybe who just are feeling lonely for Kolchak [it could happen] a return to Carl Kolchak yay!




*that is the pilot opening for ripper, kolchak so rocks


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  1. Kolchak was my secret role model when I was in the journalism biz – attitude and a bad wardrobe. Thank god when I became an editor I didn’t turn into Vincenzo . . . at least I keep telling myself that.

    I still remember all the hue and cry about decency in television when the headless motorcycle rider episode ran. What a tres cool one! And the pilot movie is still damn creepy, probably even creepier than ‘Salem’s Lot.’

    When the pilot for Stalker redux ran, they tried to give it the McGavin cache by inserting a digital cameo of him in one of the newsroom scenes.

  2. Dan

    Who wouldn’t want to be Kolchak?

    The revamp wasn’t that bad, I’m surprised to say. Sure, it was no McGavin, but Stuart Townsend amped up the crazy just enough that you forgot how pretty he is.

  3. I wanted to be Kolchak when I was a kid-I wanted to write about ghosts and vampires and monsters and spend time cemeteries and morgues and- oh wait.

    I do those things.

    Who said a little girl’s dreams can’t come true?

    Hey Max, you knew I’d love this…you are SUCH a champ

  4. max

    Psst, Frontier, Anita had the Kolchak hat.

  5. AND the tape recorder.

  6. Psst, Max, and I had the hat too when I was in high school. And a big damn cassette recorder when I started in the biz.

    Never could break down and buy a seersucker suit, though.

  7. Dan

    Seersucker is the only kind of suit I’ll wear.

    What can I say? I’m a rebel.

  8. Kym

    Shouldn’t the dark glances at Kym be pitying soothing looks for her deprived state?

  9. max

    Oh sure where were pity and soothing during the Jayne wars you bunk hog?

  10. Kym

    I promise when I am in Jayne’s bunk to send you very pitying looks as you close the door behind you.

  11. I LOVED this show. I even watched the new one but it didn’t last long.

  12. max

    Well the new show was bound to fail. Hello? No hat.

  13. Nancy

    I love the old show. Vampires and werewolves behind every door. Darren McGavin running wild. Yeah!

  14. You know what I liked?
    Kolchak was Kolchak- he didn’t have to take of the hat or change the suit to fight the monsters.
    THAT was cool

  15. max

    Karl is one of my favorite kinds of characters, [I really should look up whether it is Carl or Karl, sigh], irretrievably flawed, yet striving for something entirely noble. He dresses funny, he is terribly manipulative, he lies, he cheats, he barges around and when that does not work sneaks around, but through it all, he is seeking something noble. Truth and real and accurate reporting. Anytime you have a character who absolutely believes in something bigger and truer and nobler than himself and fights for it in spite of every flaw and human frailty he or she has, you have a character worth fighting for.

  16. It’s Carl.

    It’ll all come back to you . . .

  17. max

    I was already pressing my luck with Kolchak.

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  19. The Seventies were the golden age of justice on tv. Cannon. Kolchak. Pepper. Baretta.

  20. You forgot O’Hara, U.S. Treasury, Cade’s County, Mannix, Hawaii Five-O . . .

  21. max

    Oh now you two are just showing off. Sheesh.

  22. Hey. most of those were actually pretty good shows, especially where David Janssen beats the one-armed counterfeiter/presidential stalker to death with his artificial arm . . . wait . . . .

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