prizes yay!


giftA friend —

Has been tormenting me with news a package is on the way. Natch I have been dying of curiosity but my friend enjoys tormenting people so would not tell me what was in the package, just that a package was on the way.

The package came today.

It is a camera.

Holy cats!

This is so cool.


[You know this friend was just way tired of my no camera no photos excuses around here right?]


where the art work comes from :
that is from sue h

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  1. Kym

    Yay, now you can take pictures of all the City Christmas lights, Right?

  2. max

    Sure. I do not live in an area where they really dress things up but it is more lighted up than the creek roads. Also next time I try to take a photo with a cute celebrity I will have a flash yay!

  3. Kym

    Uh, keep it handy just in case Adam Baldwin passes by.

  4. A camera! And early.

    Did you roll Santa? If so, did you see anything for me in that bag?

    I’m looking forward to some Hollywood glitz photos. Even if it is just a glitzy bird on your balcony.

  5. max

    I could always stalk the cute firemen and get shots of them washing the trucks.

  6. Oh, yes to the firemen…

  7. max

    Cool. Fireman requests. I wonder when the next time is they wash those trucks.

  8. Firemen washing trucks in LA, I would LOVE to see that.
    Do it, do it, do it.

  9. max

    The firemen at this station house could do a calendar just with their guys. They are that cute.

  10. A friend who sends a camera is a Very Nice Friend. My friends just give me things like the flu.

  11. take some of those Firemen pictures for Insanity Max

  12. max

    Will do. That is something Insanity and I always had in common, we both like to bite firemen.

  13. Now you have no excuses…let the hair grow out and replicate that picture from your other post (as you bragged you could)!

  14. max

    Well it takes a while to grow three more inches of hair and also there are two people in that photo I would need a volunteer with hot arms.

  15. Congrats! Now does this mean I have to take you on a tour of all the monuments and stuff in DC?

  16. max

    Oh hell no I would much rather take photos of cute hockey players let’s go ice skating instead.

  17. I am not showing you hockey guys until you show me firemen. Fair is fair!

  18. max

    Ultimately this is going to require I march into the fire house and demand firemen pose for photos I can just see that coming.

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