no love for the pony


If I see one more freaking jewelry store commercial I am probably going to hork. Zales and Jared are especially appalling and on every other second on TV. It is enough to put me off diamonds. But this commercial cracks me up every time it plays I officially declare it this season’s winning Christmas commercial.




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  1. I’d still take the pony. I already have a phone.

  2. max

    I love it when the pony roars and the Verizon crew backs up a step.

  3. Hork? LOL. That is my new word for the week.

  4. That’s why I have Sprint. The Sprint crew would never back up.

    “Does he bite?”

  5. I crack up as the pony eats the roof off the friggin dog house!

  6. max

    Damn it that is fiber.

  7. I want that Pony- it’s bad.
    Really bad.

  8. Yep, my favorite commercial thus far. The girls’ expressions through the whole thing crack me up, and the “Does he bite?” “Yeah.” thing is awesomely done.

  9. we were discussing this today…it came in second to the “Wii” throw the controller through the TV commercial

    hi max

  10. max

    Hey, Criminy. You have been mia. How is the menage?

  11. they are expensive…other than mollie going blind in one eye they are all the same…she looks cool in the patch…except general tso…he is now a cat, and does cat things. we don’t get along. *s*

    good to read yuh

  12. max

    You know Crim, General Tso is the one furred member of your household who will not attempt to molest your ankle and still you hold being a cat against him?

    Priorities, Crim, priorities.

  13. merry christmas Max

    perspective…which would you prefer…a molested ankle or waking with 4 claws in each temple and 2 canines spiked into your forehead….friggin cat.

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