no jesus no peas




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  1. forkboy1965

    Oh thank you!

    I hadn’t seen this in a while and I do so love it. As an atheist it is truly horrible how empty and devoid of meaning is my life.

    I guess I’ll go eat some people. They probably have it coming anyway…

  2. max

    Damn it Fork. You were supposed to be my ride to Kym’s during zombie invasion. If you start eating people that will not work. Ahhh!

  3. Yumm. Being an atheist already, I suppose it is alright for me to start eating nice tender babies. Got any fresh ones?

  4. Man… we live in a world where God is divided in:
    One for the Jewish.
    One for the Muslims.
    One for the budists.
    One for the Catholics (probably the same for the evangelics and protestants, but… diferent treating His kids)
    One called none to the scientists…
    What if we live in a word where God is one?
    Mars? Maybe Jupiter or the moon?
    Not here, indeed.

  5. max

    I’ve heard a lot of people say they were killing for God. I’ve never heard an athiest say he or she was killing because there was no God.

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