ninja's don't need skateboards


Holy smokes!

I want to date THAT guy.




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5 Responses to ninja’s don’t need skateboards

  1. Great find. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that many flips in one go. He must be immune to lactic acid.

  2. max

    It is not just that. This guy is doing full story drops, clearing 7-10 foot horizontal leaps, doing a flip while leaping between roofs, and one of his leaps is onto a metal railing — that is at most a two inch landing pad and he does not even slow down.

    I have seen Shaolin monks who might slow down for that.

  3. conundrum

    Wow – can you imagine what his energy and creativity would be when he is horny?

  4. That was poetry- I mean the Ninja guy, not the horny comment (sorry Con)

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