ninja trouble

martial_arts_1.pngJust in case anyone at risk is wondering.

[Cough cough AJ! cough cough.]

Two more Supernatural disks are showing from Netflix today.

If there is no Mr. Morgan on these disks —

There will be ninja trouble.



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  1. Supernatural…..hey, I think I bought the first season of that for my nephew to watch! We saw a few episodes and then lost interest – not sure why. I could have just sent it to you, free of charge!

  2. max

    That would have rocked. Netflix, who is always mad at me for sending back disks too fast, pretended not to get disks Saturday, and then pretended to mail out two disks Monday, and instead just sent one and it is the wrong one it is out of sequence so now I am seeing things backwards courtesy of Netflix — again.

  3. max

    You are so lucky Mr. Morgan made an appearance for 3 minutes on this disk.

  4. Ew, that sucks. That’s maddening. I’d have to plant something inside of the envelope like…hmmm, any suggestions, Max? Don’t want to implicate myself here lol

  5. I finally signed up for Blockbuster Online and got my first disks in today. Still, I found myself driving to the Blockbuster store when I heard Babel came out today. I hit the neighbors fence backing out the driveway, ah the bastard had a nail sticking out of that thing. That movie cost me a damn fortune. It better be good.

  6. max

    Wow that sucks. I am not sure any movie is that good. Well, maybe Blade Runner.

  7. aj

    I thought Babel was good, Kitty.

  8. Sophia

    For all that damage, Kit, it better be an Oscar winner one.

  9. Damn, what happened to Brad Pitt’s face? Did they age him for this movie?

    I sure did a lot of damage to the car, that nail ripped a mean scratch, both ways, pulling into it and backing out of it. There’s a pretty bad dent too. I am in so much trouble.
    No damage to the ugly ass fence unfortunately.

  10. max

    I am so resisting the impulse to ask how many times you hit the fence before the nail showed up.

  11. Sophia

    When I come visit you, will you be offended if I ask you to not come pick me up from the airport? A cab would be fine.

  12. max

    Wow if a Greek is scared to get in a car with you, you know you have achieved international stardom.

  13. max

    Wow, Supernatural is heating up one of the new disks had the younger brother trotting around in a towel. That almost makes up for not enough Mr. Morgan on these disks.

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