nine years




One year of war is war.

Nine years of war is a business plan.



where i nabbed that photo :
i nabbed that from alex ryking

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  1. Regardless of numbers, that is such a poignant photo.

  2. max

    Yeah it really is.

  3. Look at cute, fat, little puppy.

    A rare color photo on the blog, but it totally works here.

  4. max

    Hey I can do color. I just mostly don’t.

  5. Can I have that puppy?

  6. max

    I want the puppy too.

  7. Hmmm. Well, I can’t say we could split it because that would be very ugly and I’m not that sort of person. We could share it, or maybe we could flip a coin.

    Or, since this is your blog, I guess you get first dibs. Unless you are feeling charitable, that is.

  8. Pretty pic, but powerful and condemning words!

    May I steal them?

  9. max

    No but you may quote them or link to them.

  10. max

    Ah, well, Spliced, I think the soldier in the photo probably needs puppy love more than you and I do. I mean, everyone needs puppy love, but he is getting shot at he probably needs it more.

  11. My thought was I would like to cuddle it before it dies. I guess that can include the soldier, too.

  12. i can haz never-ending war?

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