night thoughts


radiatorI hear a gun shot.

It is late. A lot of things can sound like a gun shot.

Unless you know what a gun shot sounds like.

I do.

I dial 911.

This is when I feel really stupid.

“I do not know that it was a gun shot. I did not see a gun shot. I heard a gun shot. It was in the building. I cannot tell you where in the building — sound sort of travels in this building.”

It does. This whole place is echoing concrete halls and walls.

It strikes me how much like a firing range this building is. That is what I thought hearing the shot. “That is a gun range sound.”

I do not tell the woman on the phone that. I already appear deranged. Girls should not know what guns sound like.

The woman on the phone is nice. “Better safe than sorry.”

Police come out.

What can they ascertain?


I keep thinking someone here is dead. And no one will know for a while.

I distract myself. I lash out at a friend.

That does not help.

I go to sleep thinking dark thoughts.

I do not dream.


where the art work comes from :
that is old radiator by paul politis

14 Responses to night thoughts

  1. People get scared Max…and people lash out…and I’m sure your friend will understand.
    The last time I lashed out at someone my friend peed all over my book bag.

    But we’re still friends.

    Okay, it was a cat but still…


  2. I hope this is the end of the story. But I won’t be surprised if the neighbor lost it and shot off a gun. I bet though that the chick stays if she wasn’t hit by the bullet. Some people just play the same scene over and over again ……… YOu be careful and stay safe.

    OH and Anita, I had a cat pee on a leather messanger bag once and that thing had to go to the dogs after that…… har har har!

  3. max

    Well it is not that neighbor. If it were right next door I would have known that. All I could tell was it was somewhere in the building.

    Anita, that is funny, was that Insanity Jones?

  4. max

    I am so fond of Insanity Jones. [smile]

  5. Wellll…that makes three of us ( wink )

  6. I am fond of Insanity too.

    Max you worry me lately.

  7. max

    I am tired and I was sick and someone died. It makes me bleak. I will hunt up a fun quiz or something soon.

  8. I know. I’m sorry. No, no, don’t worry about fun quizzes for us. Sometimes I’m a fucktard – I mean you did say “May” and while it’s June it should have occurred to me that – DUH! That wasn’t even a month ago! I’m slow like that at times.

  9. max

    May is a ghastly month for me full of painful dates and associations it is sort of clinging this year spilling over into June. I think it is knocking things loose though that in the long run may be a good thing. Dunno.

  10. Did you consult with Susan?

    May is usually a great month for me – full of excitement and possibility. So is June. And November for some reason.

  11. max

    I am skipping Susan for June.

  12. Wow. That’s shocking! No more Susan and Little Mom, huh?

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