night of the pretty skirt


pretty_skirtMy friend Lacy and I —

Went to a very cool gallery thingy the other night. Our friend Miryana was showing her perfume at Frank Pictures Gallery and it was a fun group show there were clothes and perfumes and jewelry and art and did I mention JEWELRY and —

There was the pretty skirt.

It was a gold color and pleated and very filmy and 1950’s Audrey Hepburn and also very ballerina and I really loved that skirt but I am trying to be frugal and was not planning on buying anything and also it was hanging by a Chanel gown that was $900 so I figured no way and did not even check the tag after admiring it I wandered off and was instead trying on rings Nathalie Seaver was showing [dress up is so fun especially sparkley jewelry dress up yay!] and talking movies because everyone here either does or has done movies and it turns out Lisa Mionie who had the pretty skirt next to the tragically expensive Chanel gown used to do and sometimes still does casting and Nathalie had to introduce us and we started talking and I said something about the pretty skirt and Lisa said, That skirt is only — and named an incredibly nominal sum. Like a sum that would make it ridiculous not to buy it even if I had to live on oatmeal for months to do it.

Meanwhile in Room 222 [the room where the incredibly expensive Chanel gown and more than shockingly reasonable pretty skirt were] there was this little girl checking out some fab clothes with her father standing warily by which really cracked me up because I know that look of fear in men’s eyes when they watch their women try on clothes but I had to try on the skirt so I did, over sweats and boots [not the first fashion choice for pretty diaphanous skirts usually] and the little girl liked the skirt and Lisa liked the skirt and the father liked the skirt and I had to go show the skirt to Lacy and Miryana and Nathalie and Miriyana’s mom was there so she admired the skirt too and everyone decided I should definitely get the skirt.

So I slapped down a twenty to save the skirt I would have to pick up later and then the husband and little girl were leaving and this was the funniest part of the whole night because they stopped and looked at me very hard and said, WHERE IS THE SKIRT?

And they waited for an explanation for no bag in my hand just to make sure I was getting the skirt.


ps : be sure and check out miryana’s perfume


where the art work comes from :
that is from at nahpro

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  1. Thank you. It’s truly wonderful of you to write about your experience with the skirt. You look fantastic in it, and it’s meant for you.

  2. max

    Thank you Marc you and Lisa have such beautiful clothing I am looking forward to wearing the pretty skirt.

  3. Yay – shopping!

    I so want to see this skirt now …

  4. Kym

    Why the picture of someone else in a ridiculously pretty skirt? The Max I know could be a model. Let’s see you in the skirt.

  5. max

    Well first I have to pick up the skirt. Then I have to wear the skirt. Then I have to errantly find myself in front of a camera. I will work on it.

  6. max

    I picked up the pretty skirt today. Yay!

  7. Lucia

    I so want to see YOU in THAT skirt, too. Long time no see.

  8. max

    Hey, Lucia. I was just thinking about you the other day how are you?

  9. Lucia

    Hi Max, thanx for thinking about me. I’m working on passing another board exam. Miss ya.

  10. max

    You are such an overachiever that totally rocks.

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