nicholl frenzy


greg beal with nicholl scripts




I stopped by the Academy today.

Sometimes pictures really do speak louder than words.

That is Greg with the mail.





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15 Responses to nicholl frenzy

  1. Yikes….!

    You did done good, eh?

    Bloody ‘ell. Any keepers yet?

  2. max

    Oh there is no telling yet. This is just the beginning.

  3. ‘Scuse me if I appear a bit thick, but are you judging?

    I used to be asked to judge ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions quite often and I always found it a slightly discomforting task. Differing opinions, internal and external conflict and politics, the losers looking at you reproachfully and occasionally showering you with abuse. Ahh, the joy of power and responsibility. Hah.

  4. max

    I read and evaluate scripts for the competition. Just me liking a script is not enough for it to win though. The scripts go through a lot of reads, evaluations, and several rounds before they get to the final round, and there are only ten finalists, and only five of those may be granted fellowships. It is a long arduous process.

  5. Do they reward you for reading, or is it done from the good of your heart?

  6. If she was injuring herself reading scripts for free, I’d be going for worker’s comp in a big way. Then again, I do live in Australia…..

  7. Do you ever just skim over the titles and toss aside the ones you don’t like?

  8. You’re brave Max!
    I wouldn’t have ‘stopped by’ I’d have used one of those robots with the cameras to cruise around before going in.

    in awe

  9. max

    I won this competition in 1994 and it did a great deal for me. It is a good cause.

    Tommy, if I felt that way about it, I would have no business reading for it.

  10. Stiletto

    You guys are are in Nicholl frenzy, we over here in DC are in Beltway Madam frenzy. Don’t know who needs more luck.

  11. max

    Well, people named on Nicholl lists are happy about it and also there are fellowships and fun award ceremonies. It is a small distinction, sure, but I do not think that happens with Beltway Madam frenzy.

  12. Yeah ours might be a larger distinction in the media but there are no happy campers and the only reward is not ending up in the slammer!

  13. max

    Nicholl is more fun.

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