nice try 2009


Ha! Thought you would take me down didn’t you you bastard year?

Not hardly.




Happy New Year everyone. Smooch!

[That is My Chemical Romance.]

[Do not forget to check out the blue moon tonight that does not happen often on New Year’s Eve.]

[You can see the truly stunning video of that on youtube but it will not embed here so you have to see it on youtube it is :::here:::]

[Seriously go see it I know there is a stupid esurance whatsit add attached but it is worth it so stick it out. Dumb Warner Bros.]

[Also, Gerard Way does not look “stupid” with blonde hair and dark brows and neither do I so bite me you know who you are.]


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  1. That’s the spirit Max!
    Have enough fun tonight for all us sad apples who will be at home eating Pizza and watching the history channel.

  2. max

    Anita, pizza and the history channel? Seriously? That is not right.

  3. Welcome to the Black Parade is one of my favorite videos of all time.

    Happy New Year Max.

  4. max

    I love that one too. Happy New Year Kitty.

    [Should we tell Anita there is a Burn Notice marathon on USA and she should click over from the history channel?]

  5. Funny you should mention that…guess what I’m watching RIGHT now…!!!

  6. Happy New Year. I love that song too.

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