next all hallow's eve


nun sexy hallow’s eve costumeNext All Hallow’s Eve —

I am so this nun.

Sister Max.

Kiss Me.

If you dare.


where that sassy habit came from :
doy, where else, janiebelle

13 Responses to next all hallow’s eve

  1. Heh, why wait for Halloween? There’s always an excuse to host a costume party :)

  2. I’m with Jason on this one, Sister Max.

    Get on with it. (…or off with it, depending on your perspective here)

    By the by, I think I may need some grammatical “correction” for the contents of this comment. I await your “instruction”.

  3. max

    Jason, funny.

    Um, Janie? You are so looking in the wrong place I am not a dom.

  4. That’s ok, Max.

    I go either way.

  5. Kym

    I think maybe you should go for a summer costume party–looks a bit chilly for October.

  6. max

    It probably is too chilly for October but it is sure inspiration to keep doing my damn crunches.

  7. californiablogging

    I kind of picture you like this anyway! : )

  8. max

    Less cleavage, more goosebumps, and that is me. [wink]

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