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This is —

A post just because I really like this photo. But since I am here, I will talk a little. Right now I am on a news black out. Sometimes the world gets all heavy and horrible and I feel more and more saturated with every terrible news story I read until I think I better stop this for a while and let it all flush out of me so I am clean and happy again. So I went on news black out and signed up at a local dance studio to go dance some of this out of me. And for the moment I will spend my days doing that and reading scripts and maybe finishing the rewrite of The Screenwriter’s Survival Guide which I keep promising people WILL BE DONE SOMEDAY SOON.

Meanwhile, isn’t that a cool photo?


*I am not sure whom to attribute that photo to because I lifted it off someone on Facebook and it did not say there. If you know, drop me a line.


2 Responses to news black out

  1. PIc rocks! As far as the news? This is why eschew the ‘net, newspapers and TV. FARK is the only current news recommended.

  2. Max

    I love that pic. I must now get polka dot stockings and striped shoes. Yay!

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