new spaces


hi keyI signed —

The lease on a new place.

I will be going soon.

They must clean carpets.

I must call utility companies and make arrangements.

I would like to be traveling more light.

There are stairs.

This will have to be light enough.



where the art work comes from :
that is hi key by andy tzur

13 Responses to new spaces

  1. Kym

    How exciting! Now we get to meet your new neighbors.

  2. max

    Oh jeez if I have anything to say about new neighbors it better be “the new neighbor brought cookies over to say welcome to the neighborhood.”

    [I am so done with “the neighbor is screaming obscenities into the street” you guys will just have to live with another kind of vignette after I get out of here I know it will be rough on you but it is the way it has to be.]

  3. Travel light, that is the way to go.
    Good luck, Max. Sounds like a much quieter place.

  4. aj

    Stairs and moving are like Pumpkin and pie, the two should never appear in the same sentence.

  5. max

    Wait. AJ. I like pumpkin pie.

    Kitty, thanks, that is the plan.

  6. sulya

    max’s old diary: Untoward sounds, fights, brawls, accidents, incidents of flying furniture, irritating coughs, beatings, strange men hanging upside down in my window, headaches, insomnia, visions of imminent distruction…

    max’s new diary: Moved, ate, slept fitfully. Was brought cookies by incredibly nice smart neighbour who has volume marked on stereo to perfect level and whose super nice partner has own key to building. Have stopped waking at night in anticipation of being woken by lunatics. Worked, exercised, had pleasant chat with neighbour, thanked for cookies, slept like cat in a sunbeam…

    Only good thoughts, mizzmax, only good thoughts…

    I’m mostly with AJ about the pumpkin pie. Unless the crust is REALLY good and there’s whip cream. I’ll put up with a lot for whip cream.

  7. sulya

    woops. “whipped cream”. always screw that one up. tylenol is wearing off…

  8. max

    Those are wonderful thoughts. Thank you. Smooch!

  9. Just to sum it up –

    Max’s old diary – yes!

    Max’s new diary – let’s hope!

    From a purely selfish standpoint, of course!

  10. Oh – congratulations!


    Does this mean when I visit you again I have to actually trudge up a fight of stairs?

  11. max

    You know I will still have adventures without bad neighbors. Which is inexplicable to me my profession is being locked in a room with a semi-cooperative computer which should not an adventure make but they find me anyway.

  12. max

    Yes there is no elevator. We could try to wynch you up but the stairs are safer.

    Those stairs and the bed… no one carrying the bed up those stairs is going to be happy the bed is really heavy.

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