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seductionOkay now —

Anita Marie and I have created a new religion Anita astutely pointed out we need holidays for it and also Michele mentioned the importance of cute delivery guys [Anita and Michele are so smart] and luckily for you I am so on task on holidays AND cute delivery guys so right away I started a list :

Hot Delivery Guy Day
Hot Supernatural Guys Day
Hot Firefly Guys Day
Hot Dr. Who Day
And because I am developing a tragic Sean Bean affliction watching Sharpe’s Rifles, Hot Sean Bean Day


Also we probably need some days of giving and humility so —

Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter Day
Mock a Bigot Day

[The bigot’s get to be humble that day wow will that be a change.]

Also clearly we need a —

Shoe Day!


[Do not argue, Shoe Day is in.]

Okay also because some days just need to be get out of jail free days and also somewhere in there I skipped over debauchery days which we clearly need —

Drive Blotto Day
And —
Get Tanked Call the Relatives & Tell Them What You Really Think Day


Hold on. Clearly we are going to also need —

Advil Day

[It is kind of required by those other two days.]

And as long as we are being generous, well, probably there has to be a Football Day.

[Go Giants my ass.]

It just has to be there though to make the boys happy.

[Never say I am not a giver.]


Okay wait also we cannot leave out the internet and customer support issues —

No Spam Day [this one really counts yay!]
And also —
Customer Support Has to Answer With a Real Person Within 30 Seconds Day and Not in India


Also, because they are smart and underpaid and abused and taken for granted to no end —

Teacher’s Day

[On Teacher’s Day, teacher’s get to line up all troublesome students and parents and shoot them with rubber bullets as long as they want.]

[Really. It will be educational.]

Yay yay!

Oh. And wait. Back up. I left out a really important one :


Yay! Yay! Yay!

[Wow this new holiday stuff is work I am running out of steam here.]

I have somehow missed on the romantic days so we need those too and also I am lacking fancy costumes and lights days and also some sort of day of the spirits or dead day we need those also too but that is a good start. Comments? Suggestions?

[Oh and Rain I would totally have a ctuhultha day in there but I cannot spell it.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from carriephoto

32 Responses to new holidays yay!

  1. Howabout “Calamari Day?” You should also have Double Cheese Pizza Day and Full Frontal Nudity Day. No?

  2. max

    Double Cheese Pizza Day is so in.

    I cannot do Calimari Day squid are too sweet creatures to encourage people to eat them. Also, have you ever been to a beach in Southern California? Encouraging the more, um, display happy guys to take off those Speedos is asking to go blind no Frontal Nudity Day it would be abused by the WRONG people.

  3. Here in Minnesota we could really use a Snow Day, since we haven’t gotten a reprieve even from the incredibly sub zero temperatures we’ve endured. So a Snow Day Holiday is definitely in order.

  4. max

    Snow Day is so in.

    Wait. We need definition. Is this pity the poor bastards who live in too-cold-for-humans temperatures, or celebrate the snow and throw ice cones with impunity?

    It makes a difference.

  5. I think there need sot be a chocolate day – as in eat all the chocolate you want with absolutely no repercussion [sp]?

  6. um, that is “needs to”

  7. max

    Michele, no Clay Day?

    Do you have a fever?

    AMENNNNN :-)

  9. I’ll sign up just for the Teacher’s Day, although the Hot Guy Days are prety tempting too.

    You gonna design natty outfits for those who spread your word too?

  10. No Clay day – i don’t wanna share.

  11. Drew

    Ok, I’d like a Jessica Alba day. All things Alba, all freakin’ day long!

    (“Go Giants my ass”? That’s Go ‘Super Bowl Champs’ lady)

  12. max

    Well I am already designing a religion natty outfits too would be too much but there should be fashion rules so no Birkenstocks.

    I am not ready to endorse a Jessica Alba Day, Drew, but we can do Hot Girls in Super Hero Outfits Day.

  13. Drew

    Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, why didn’t I think of that!?

    Sounds good to me Max.

  14. In the interest of expediency, how about a combo: Romancing the dead day, complete with dead roses, and, um, vintage lingerie, with huge arrangements of candles.

    It would be so B movie.

  15. ok sign me up for the chocolate day and the B movie day. I’m cool with the no birkenstocks, can we add no crocs to the shoe rules?

    and as it’s a religion, what/who are we worshipping?

    AM & Max?

  16. I had no idea what Birkenskocks were, but I looked them up just to be on the safeside…

    Yes, ok, definitely no Birkenstocks.

  17. Capes. Please tell me we get capes. And boots.

  18. max

    Oh no AM and I are just officiates this is all about a higher power and the stove.

    Definitely capes and boots are called for on Hot Girls in Super Hero Outfits Day.

    I do not know these crocs you speak of.

    Hey what are those ugly sandals everyone in Seattle wears? Teva or something? Those are out too.

  19. I’m kinda getting excited for the Hot Girls in Super Hero Outfits Day. I don’t know what kind of super hero I would be though…

    Hey, is there a holiday for going barefoot? I really don’t like to wear shoes.

  20. El

    You might want to quantify Hot Delivery Guy Day so that you don’t get all gay boys. I love gay boys, but if you want a little more than pizza, you might want to specify. I’m just saying.

  21. max

    I have to veto the barefoot holiday.

    El, good point. I mean, gay guys would get all happy about gay delivery guys but it would sort of be a let down for my team.

  22. capes and boots? I’m definitely IN.

    and you’re joshing me about the crocs right?

  23. max

    I am not. I have heard that term before I think I have even looked it up but there is this mental block in place I keep not remembering what they are.

  24. Kym

    Another group I can’t fit in…No barefoot day holiday?…no sensuously feel the earth beneath your feet day?…wrong religion for me.

  25. Oh yay, Kym, I didn’t know we were Earth Sisters! I LOVE feeling the dirt with my toes. Ummm. Warm from the sun–it makes me feel connected to life itself. Yay.

    Maybe we should let the gay boys wear crocs, though I hate them so much. On second thought, gay boys have more style-sense than that, and wouldn’t wear them anyway.

  26. Max, I am so envious of someone who does not know the croc

    Lulu: you may want to rephrase that first sentence :-)

  27. max

    Well if one thing is clear here it is you girls do not need a holiday to go barefoot.

  28. El

    Yeah, Lu, you know you love the gay boys!

  29. Oops. Yeah, but hate the crocs.

  30. Hot Girls in Super Hero Outfits Day? Sounds like a plan.

    In a similar vein, I would like to suggest Summer Glau Day…I’m not exactly sure what that would entail, but I would get up early each year just to celebrate her…um, it.

  31. max

    She is pretty young to have her own day. We could have a Hot Girls on Firefly Day. It would balance with Hot Guys on Firefly Day.

    I wish her current role was better. She has a lot of range and having her just play an expressionless machine does not really use that.

  32. Okay, a Hot Girls on Firefly Day would be better. That way I can celebrate Jewel Staite, as well. Good thinking!

    I agree that her new role doesn’t really let her show off her range…her facial expressions on Firefly alone are pure gold. But, I still think Terminator is a better role for her than when she played Bubblegum-chewing Brunette #1 (or whatever) on The Unit.

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