new hair



It is Spring. You know what that means.

Max hair angst yay!

I am thinking this is my new hair though. I think it is pretty hot.

[yes, in blonde, doy]


That is Ashley Greene btw she is in Twilight and cute as hell.


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  1. I like it, but the Meg Ryan version of a few years ago was very cute as well, slightly less spikey. And I don’t like the short pieces on the top, either.


  2. It’s fresh and sassy. I like it for you.

  3. forkboy1965

    Go for it! Stiletto is right. (but that goes without saying, right?)

  4. You’d wear it well Max.

  5. I had my hair like this back in my Mortician Days.
    Yes really.

    It’s actually a good cut because its made to move, so you don’t have to fuss with it too much.

  6. max

    Cool. I need to do this pretty soon my hair is making me nutso.

  7. Are you sure? I figured it would need some mousse or gel and a good blow dry to get it to fluff out.

  8. max

    Stil, my hair and I do not battle over whether it will stick out, we battle over whether it will quit sticking out.

  9. max

    [I am so hating their weird reply thing that sticks replies all over looking like quotes instead of in line below the last message it is confusing hell out of me I wonder if I can turn that off.]

  10. max

    Yay! Threaded comments are now gone thanks to Stil for telling me where that control was.

  11. Kym

    I like her hair but I want that shirt vest combo. Too cute.

  12. max

    I want to track down the wardrobe designer from Twilight and just shake her [his?] trailer till all the pretty clothes fall out.

  13. That hair style is so cute and sassy.

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