new hair is so problematic


nedw hair is problematicSo I have this —

Tentative plan for new hair.

Okay also new breasts —


Here is the trick. This new hair requires old hair grow out. So I am doing that. And it is infuriating. I cannot push my navel and voila new hair. [That worked for a doll I saw once.] Me, I have to wait. Painful day after painful day, waiting.

There are not many ways to look chic during old hair grow out. Right now the hair around the front of my face is too heavy because it is hair that must grow out long enough to be cut even and then razored. Waiting for overall consistency that can be cut in one solid cut. That means at the moment my one big look is most of the hair around my face dragged back in combs or stuck under a baseball cap.

[Of course that was mostly my look before hence thinking maybe time for new hair.]

Meanwhile, the new hair concept does not work with the old hair eyebrows so also I have to redo the eyebrows. Probably no man in the world will understand the chagrin of changing eyebrow shape but any woman who has ever done it will feel my pain.


[Not pain about plucking pain about living with eyebrow parts missing or growing in gah!]


Meanwhile my cousin is really championing NOT THAT BLONDE.

I know this because my cousin who normally mocks my roots [those are not roots those are strategically placed foils — ahem] this Christmas pulled me aside for a long talk about how my roots really look good. Since I am in grow out hell right now that means she is saying my actual color looks good but is trying to say it in a roundabout and nice way — and since my cousin is not exactly always tactful just her being tactful on this means she is trying to impart something important enough to think it out in advance and be delicate about it —

[Which is very out of character and kind of scary.]


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  1. I feel your pain.

    Years ago, I had a short[ish] layered cut that I was growing out so that I can do a bob. My hairdresser at the time worked some magic by giving me some in-between cuts to even out the layers on the way. It slowed the process down somewhat, and the bangs were always a little problematic, but all in all it was worth it to get there at the end. And I looked halfway decent on the way there.

  2. [That new hair rocks by the way.]

  3. I like the “new hair” picture. Do you have to hold your head like that to keep it out of your eyes, though?

    I too feel your pain. I used to have very short hair, and when I hit 40ish, it began to make me look older, and I wanted long hair again anyway, so began the pain. I now have long-layered hair that is down to my waist in the back, but my god, I spent a year with clips. It took 3+ years to get it grown out. Why is it that short hair is cute and sexy, and long hair is attractive, but all that in-between hair is so horrible?

  4. hi max
    mollie is experiencing the exact same problem. Well, except she is the only dog on the block with an eyepatch so the hair thing is WAYYYYYYY important

    good luck with it

  5. californiablogging

    I had that Doll! I haven’t thought about that doll since my sister started Barbie’s hair on fire and I dunked her in the toilet to put it out! I do this in-between thing with bangs all the time. I can’t wait to see your new look, who is the inspiration?

  6. max

    Michele, I thought it was sharp too.

    Lulu that is funny I think I look younger with short hair.

    Criminy, Mollie’s eye patch sounds very stylish.

    Jen I went browsing hair styles till I saw something I liked.

  7. Most people do, but I’ve always been a freak.

  8. she loves it. I think she realizes that it so beats that milky white freak orb thing she has going on.

  9. Max, what is your natural color anyway?

    Or is this one of those “don’t ask don’t tell” deals?

    Rome wasn’t a built in a day. And neither is hair?

    Ok. Scratch that. Just have patience. It will be worth it in the end. Uh. Hopefully.

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