new city, new life

I’m in a new city. Packed up everything parts Austin end of December and moved to San Antonio.

I think about just how lucky I am. I can do that. Just pack up and go. I could move to the moon if there were internet on the moon.

I love the new place. It is a big studio on the 9th floor of a building in downtown San Antonio. I look forward to night. That’s when the city lights come out.

I’m going through everything that has been broken or buried in storage before, during, and after previous moves and fixing things and tossing things and sorting things. A desk I loved that movers broke has been sitting three years in storage waiting for me to fix it. I could not use it. I could not bear to part with it. It is fixed now.


And shredding. I have file boxes of documents going back to the 90s that keep multiplying that I keep carrying because I could not just throw them in a trash can. Too much sensitive information. So I bought a shredder. And I am sorting and shredding 20 years of documents.

Sorting 20 years of documents takes a long time. It’s a journey through the past. Each piece of paper from a different part of my life. It brings up memories. A lot of memories.

I’m letting a lot of that go.

New city. New life.

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