new birthday hair!

This is totally Shane Black’s fault. He posted this fun link to a page that did photo altering stuff titled something like “What You’d Look Like as a Super Model” and of course I went right over there and hit it and then the image it kicked back looked really good.

Wait, whut?

Here is that photo:

Model Game Ahhh!

It looks good, right? Jeezu.

Course to pull that off, I have to tan, (that is okay Bondi Sands is my friend) and also get darker lipstick (I can do that). AND. Darker hair. Uh ohs….

I’ve been icy bombshell blonde a long time. There’s a certain “me and Marilyn” factor with that. But. I’m willing to give it a shot. So —

New Birthday Hair!

(I know, it’s not all the way dark yet. I’m doing stages! Quit it!)

Love and Kisses,

Your Not Me & Marilyn Anymore Oh Nos Adams Girl

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