new and improved imaginary boyfriends

mirco bergamasco the elusive imaginary boyfriendSo, two weeks ago, the imaginary boyfriend got dissed. [Yes, that is him, left.] And there were some big claims going down at the time. Like, someone, [let’s not mention any names, um — TJ!], said he could find a replacement for the imaginary boyfriend in a week.

Say. It has been two weeks. And there is no new and improved imaginary boyfriend in sight. There are not even new and improved imaginary boyfriend nominations.

Someone so owes the imaginary boyfriend an apology.


12 Responses to new and improved imaginary boyfriends

  1. Do you want the type who doesn’t talk back? I mean, the model type dudes don’t generally speak much cos …well, c’mon. They’re just there to do your bidding and look pretty while they do it.

    Or should we be throwing out the names of people we know, actors, fictional characters….?

    What are the Imaginary Boyfriend Guidelines? I’ve misplaced my copy.

  2. Sophia

    What? No more Mirco? Max, you’re not serious, are you? Now I’m really worried that the bug you had is not just an innocent bug afterall.

  3. aj

    TJ is not up to the task. I on the other hand, could have this knocked over by the end of the day.

  4. max

    Oh I am keeping Mirco this is just revenge mocking.

  5. Yeah, new rule. Not dissing imaginary boyfriends without having a suitable backup boyfriend.

  6. I think there should be a “find the new imaginary boyfriend” contest.

  7. My friend LK wants to be your imaginary boyfriend!

    What a great idea…an imaginary boy contest…please oh please!

  8. max

    LK is just lusting after my Battlestar savvy.

    An imaginary boyfriend contest is funny.

  9. I’ll be right here waiting with open arms (hey, that was like, two love song titles in one)!

    Make a list and we will vote – only caveat, no doctors! So you will have to come up with some new boys for us to play with!

  10. max

    No way, you guys have to suggest new imaginary boyfriends.

  11. Do they all have to look like Mirco?

  12. max

    Taller than Mirco would be good.

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