netflix is empty


Uh oh. The Netflix queu is empty.

This would not be a problem if I could think of any film I have not seen that I actually want to see but I cannot think of a single one. So then I was watching films I really do not want to watch but probably should. And now I am out of those too. And pretty much every television series I care to see and do not own.

There has got to be something. Suggestions?


This is what I do when I cannot sleep. Watch movies. Which means when I am doing red flag insomnia episodes I watch a whole lot of movies. Bad movies are actually a godsend for insomnia. Sometimes they can blank you right out where a good movie will sometimes have you working to not fall asleep so you can watch it.

Usually if I do not sleep I will crash out a couple hours during the next day and that sort of keeps me sane. But yesterday I got the bright idea to just stay up all night and all the next day and I thought that would do it and I would crash the next night. Um. No. And I have a lunch to go to today. This should be interesting.


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  1. Sarah

    -Withnail & I
    -24 Hour Party People
    -Human Traffic

  2. Kym

    Don’t watch movies. The ficker of an electronic box doesn’t help put most people to sleep, it works them up. Try reading a book?

    Reread Jane Austen, The Bronte Sisters, or some childhood favorites like Anne of Green Gables. The world seems sensible and bearable again after laying in some of those pieces. (Well, the Bronte sisters can be a bit emotional but they’re so good that rereading them every few years is a joy.)

  3. If you’re into artsy films, find Racing With The Moon.

  4. Tim


    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for about, I dunno, six or seven months now.

    Sorry about the sleeplessness; I know what that’s like. But on the other hand, the delirium induced by insomnia can be pretty fun too.

    Three movies I’ve recently seen which I enjoyed are:

    (1) In Bruges
    (2) The Hottest State
    (3) The Go Getter

    The first is actually quite charming and very engaging (it sneaks up on you) so it probably wouldn’t help put you to sleep. The other two, well, they’re not too demanding. Kind of like good background music which, for a moment or two, you think you might want to own. But never follow up on.



  5. I love “24hr Party People.” The TV show “Mad Men” is fantastic!

    Also try these documentaries:
    “Cinemania” &
    “Word Wars”

  6. max

    Wow that is two votes for 24 Hour Party People right off. I will have to check it out. [It does not sound restful, LOL, but why not?]

    Kym I am more likely to fall asleep with a TV on I do not know why I am wired backwards I think. The problem is if I fall asleep with the scifi channel and then after I fall asleep something like Friday the 13th comes on and the screams wake me up. Oops.

    I slept today. Missed my lunch entirely just dropped off around 11 am and slept for six hours. Wow. This is what the world looks like on sleep. It sort of rocks.

  7. max

    Tim and Eric, wow you guys were so quiet I did not even know you were there. Thanks for visiting and the suggestions.

  8. Agree whole heartedly with 24 Hour Party People and Withnail and I. I’ll add some of my late night favs:

    Henry V (with Branagh)
    The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover
    Being There

    Thank you and good night.

  9. i just worked my way through the series Firefly and the followup movie Serenity.

  10. max

    Oh I own Firefly and Serenity. They rock.

  11. Kym

    You may own Firefly and Serenity but I own Jayne.

  12. Yeah, the Hottest state, I loved it! Ethan Hawke’s directing/script debute really moved me, damn it’s good!

    I guess you’ve seen the TV shows True Blood and House of Saddam? As good as it gets, I’m addicted, both from HBO I think

  13. max

    “You may own Firefly and Serenity but I own Jayne.”

    Cardboard cut outs do not count.


  14. I think the True Blood series is great.

  15. max

    That is new and won’t be out on DVD yet will it?

  16. Tim

    24 Hour Party People is a great movie (and if you liked Joy Division, then “Control” is a must see) – but yeah, it’s too entertaining to sleep through.

    And thanks for the welcome.


  17. Yeah, it is probably not out on DVD yet.

  18. “Life on Mars”, BBC series. Original. Well explored. Well acted. Nice sense of humour and mystery.

    “State and Main”. I wish I could have written it.

  19. It’s on the telly over here (True blood), so it ought to be out on DVD over at your side of the pond

  20. I just added some new releases to my queue so it wasn’t able. As soon as they come out this week, I should get a copy.

  21. Admore

    If you haven’t seen “Rivers and Tides” then rent that. It’s about Andy Goldsworthy and is excellent. If you’ve never heard of him you’re in for a huge treat.

    24hr Party people is good, especially if you liked what was called The Manchester Sound. Because it’s about one label really, you get too much Happy Mondays, not enough Stone Roses. Joy Division isn’t on the scene long, for obvious reasons.

  22. max

    Well I looked up 24 Hour Party People and it is set in the seventies that is kind of “eh” for me.

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