nazi bastards


chef_cigaretteI get a new DVD.

I put it in. It begins to play.

There is always this sort of painful disk ramping up and shooting through pre-ad crap and previews while a new disk warms up.

I do not always mind the previews. Mostly they are annoying but once in a while one is interesting.

But this is not previews. This is —

A bunch of people dressed up like death wandering around a park and all falling down dead while some announcer drones on about how I should not smoke.



Listen up.

I get harassed everywhere I go about smoking. I cannot smoke inside. So I smoke outside. This gives freak strangers some kind of sociopathic imperitive to come up and harass me about my smokes. Which I put up with. Graciously by the way. I turn on the TV? More of freaking anti-smoking swish. Which I put up with. Graciously by the way. But WHEN I BUY A DVD WITH MY OWN CASH AND GO TO WATCH IT IN MY OWN HOME I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO PUT UP WITH GOD DAMN ANTI SMOKING SWISH.

Freaking Nazis.


*btw i want every freakoid who ever thought it was appropriate to harass a smoker to go get a reading on the exhaust output of his or her automobile i am pretty damn sure my smokes are not killing as many people as your car is.


where the art work comes from :
that is from sionfullana

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  1. On behalf of we non-smokers, I apologize for the Nazi-like behavior of some.

  2. I am all about individual liberty and your right to kill yourself, although I will be sad for the World is a much better place with you in it.

    … That said, I probably shouldn’t have just had that second martini either since it’s 2:39AM EST and I have to be @ the Library tomorrow.


  3. judy

    As a baby boomer growing up in the 50’s, a common comment often heard was:”It’s a free country” – I realized lately, it’s been years since I’ve heard it. I didn’t even begin smoking until my last semester of college and all these years later, I must say I love it … my breathing does not. Yet, I wonder when, if ever, I’ll hear someone say:”It’s a free country!”.

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