distilled waterSo what is up with NaDruPoDa?

Last year I just about missed this.

[That is national drunk posting day.]

Then this year Rain says it is on again. I have gone back and checked out Rule Brittaniea Org where NaDruPoDa allegedly began and the old link is gone and no new link is up.

There is a blog that talks about NaDruBloDa. [National Drunk Blogging Day.] In the past tense as in 2006 talk. And then has a January 1, 2007 post that says hey thanks for participating. [Wow what time zone is that Planet NaDruBloDa or something?] So I am not sure what is up with NaDruPoDa or NaDruBloDa.

Still it is December 29th and that is the official NaDruPoDa [do not try to spell that when you have been drinking I still do not even know if I am spelling it right].

Hmm. To drunken blog or to not drunken blog?


nadrupoda past :



where the art work comes from :
that is distilled water by lin zhizhao

23 Responses to nadrupoda

  1. ~m

    Is that a bottle of absinthe I see you holding? :mrgreen:

  2. shoot, i’d have to get drunk again. such connunndrum you put in front of me, max.
    to drunkenblog!

  3. max

    Well, I think I will do my students a favor and finish reviewing their work today before I consider the alcohol question.

    [Oh the sacrifice!]

  4. What? No drunken blogging?

    This is a travesty!

  5. max

    Oh it is no fun to drunken blog alone. Also Dinotopia is on and it kind of rocks.

  6. max

    It is a scifi channel feature about two brothers who find a hidden island where dinosaurs and people live together it is fun.

  7. Is that like Land of the Lost? Except without the fun living together part?

    Hey, Max, I was going to stay in tonight and do some drunken NYEBLO – no, that doesn’t spell cocaine. I wasn’t sure about going out tonight. I’d much rather stay in and drink vodka.

  8. max

    I will be in. We can toast the new year in together.

  9. Actually, I’m going to a lame party with stuck up people. I’m so giving you a call midnight my time lol

  10. PS You do know that if we lived near each other we wouldn’t be in right now, right? Right? lol

  11. max

    We would for sure be terrorizing Hollywood. [smile]

  12. I called you last night but it wouldn’t go through…did you change your number?

  13. max

    No it is the same number. You did not get voice mail or anything?

  14. No, it was like..dead air. It was really frustrating. I pulled out my phone to call you like a few minutes after midnight. Hmm.

    I figured you were out somewhere in a no call zone.

  15. max

    That is weird it appears to be working fine. I need to take it in to the shop though and find out if the sim is messed up and probably upgrade or something.

  16. max

    Wait, did you get my text message?

  17. Yes, I did get a text message but not until much later in the night, possibly three a.m. my time.

    It didn’t pop up as your name though.

    That’s why I thought maybe you have some new digits.

  18. By the way, you know drunk calling doesn’t work IF THE OTHER PARTY DOESN’T PICK UP!!!

  19. max

    Well yeah I texted you around midnight CA time that is 3 am your time.

  20. Did I text you back? I think I passed out.

  21. max

    You didn’t or if you did it did not come through I figured you were asleep by then.

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