my wrists are toast


It is 1 AM and my wrists are toast. No post today unless I rally later.



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  1. Oh yeah?
    Let’s start a Riot.

  2. So the riot’s on?

  3. We need to tp a blog.

    Whose turn is it?

  4. max

    Michele’s? We have not done Michele in a while. Or TJ. He has been slacking on the blog.

  5. We should hit Stil. She hasn’t had her turn.

  6. max

    LOL! Stil’s last post was political. Hmm.

  7. We better find a place quick before I open up on your blog. I get rough, you know.

  8. max

    LOL! I know, let’s hit AJ. We have not hit her in an age and she was getting tiffy about neglect.

  9. max

    Wait, we need a theme. What’s the theme?

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  11. Too late, you should see the tp flying everywhere by now.

  12. max

    Oh you are wicked.

  13. You’re lucky my troops are asleep.

  14. max

    We are the only children of the night out roaming tonight. Toni is awake though.

  15. But Michele will be up soon.

  16. :::going find Michele:::

  17. max

    That one gets up when I am usually just crawling into bed. She is a ninja.

  18. I’ve sent out the orders.

    Your wrists are toast. LOL.

  19. AJ too, her being Down Under.

    Max do Aussies have upside down globes?

  20. max

    They have upside down winters that makes them crazy enough to eat vegemite.

  21. vegemite rocks. I eat it on pretzels.

  22. Must be wrist toast night. Both of mine are numb, too. I need a pool boy to come along and massage them. (I would probably have to have a pool for that, though, wouldn’t I? drats.)

  23. oh no toni, all that cleavage you you have is enough for the pool boys.

  24. max

    It is totally wrist toast night. Share the pool boy? We can use Kitty’s pool to lure him.

    [tell me you do not really eat vegemite on pretzels, eew]

  25. I absolutely do love vegemite on pretzels.

    Toni, go get those thigh high go-go boots.

  26. max

    I am so confused. Where are the thigh high go go boots?

  27. Toni knows.

    Good morning Michele.

  28. max

    Wait, I mean, good morning.

  29. LOL. I knew I could count on Michele to come to the party. Yay Michele!

    Now I have to hit the sack for a few hours. I’ll be back with another 12 roll pack later.

  30. max

    Well yeah, if Michele is up it is my bed time too.

    Night all.

  31. That was just a trick, now raid the place, Michele. No mercy.

  32. Night Max.

    Hey I am not a lone raider Kitty.

  33. Apparently there are a lot of people with insomnia!

    Hi Max – nice to meet you :-)

  34. max

    Wow, tp goddess, your name so fits Kitty’s call to arms. [smile]

  35. LOL. That is so funny!

    So Max, are your wrists still toasty?


  36. aj

    There is nothing wrong with Vegemite you nutter. And until that comment I was happy to sit on the sidelines and watch your blog turn white at the hands of Kitty but since feel the need to assist.

  37. max

    The wrists are pretty mad.

    Vegemite is a device of the devil.


  38. I was contemplating buying thigh high boots for the RT con,for the “steel and stiletto” party. I would plead temporary insanity, except, you know, they were really cute and sexy. I will try to find the link.

    I don’t think it was this one, but it’s close:

    except then there was the whole what to wear with it thing, which just got a little nutty and then I remembered exactly how I feel about mini skirts on my body and I went and poured a margarita and the moment passed.

    LOL on the cleavage, Kitty.

    Max, we can totally share the pool boy.

  39. and I should clarify the “cute and sexy” to mean “appropriate for the costume party” and not for an alternate life as a hooker. [wry grin]

  40. max

    Those boots would rock for a steel and stiletto party. You could do them with a long slit skirt or a tunic you do not have to do a mini with those.

  41. Toni, those are some seriously hot boots.

  42. Hah! Well yes, though my tp does not stand for the same thing as Kitty’s! I did get that relationship though :-)

    Nice to meet you. Kitty has introduced me to several friends lately and it’s been a real treat.

  43. max

    Nice to meet you tp.

  44. damn, max, I wish I had thought of that in time. great idea. now I know what to get for next year, though. thanks.

  45. max

    Did you do the boots?

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