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So I am having this convo with AJ and Kitty online last night and Kitty says she has this song I have to listen to for Christmas, and I say cool, and then my other friend AJ says Christmas is all about kids and totally sucks without kids. [She is justifying her sister’s demand everyone show at 6:30 am Christmas morning so insanely awake Christmas ready children can open presents before the National Guard has to be called in.] And I say, Er, do you really want to be saying Christmas sucks without kids to a single childless woman spending Christmas alone? Then AJ gets upset but I talk her off the ledge and to change the subject AJ says, Hey Kitty where is that song? And Kitty says, Found it yay! And then, Oh. And then, There is a problem with this song.

The song is about a woman who just got dumped spending Christmas alone :



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  1. Z

    That song and the little flash video cracks me up. No worries, it does not apply to us. We are free and single girls by choice. We were not dumped before Christmas.

  2. max

    Damn straight. And we get all the eggnog. Yay!

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  4. Z

    Now you are just showing off with all your fancy embedding.

  5. max

    ::: whistling :::

    [hey i sent you the code did it come through in email or does it need to go in a text attachment?]

  6. AJ and I are so in the dog house for this.

    This post ROCKS!

    And I hate it that you and Zee are alone this holiday, even if it is by choice. I’ll be thinking of both of you.

  7. max

    Hey to me it is hillarious. I have never before seen a pause quite like the one right before you said, There is a problem.

  8. That pause was me searching furiously on youtube for another Christmas song.
    At least I won’t be “alone this holiday” in the the dog house, right AJ?

  9. max

    It is Christmas Eve already in Australia aj probably is swept away in holiday frenzy.

    Who I worry about is Z. What if she gets a case of Christmas spirit and starts singing?

  10. Z

    Then perhaps you should be worried about George.

  11. max

    George will be fine — right after he leaps up on his back paws and smacks you for singing.

    I am sure it is wrong I still laugh hard about that.

  12. max

    I have so caved. I called my aunt to wish her Merry Christmas and she talked me into coming out for dinner tomorrow. I should wear a dress there is always dancing at my aunt’s. But I have to take the train out and do not like wearing dresses on public transport.

  13. aj

    Alone in the doghouse? — I think not Kitty.

    We are in this together and I am thinking maybe some lights, tinsel and a couple of beers could make this doghouse quite a festive little place to spend the holidays.

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  15. max

    Um, so what is that aj? I have not figured out pingbacks and track backs yet and your blog archive is leaving messages?

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  17. I’m so glad you are going to your aunt’s and will be dancing for Christmas.

  18. AJ, I have our doghouse all dec’d out. It’s on my blog today.

  19. Now I wished I had hung out in chat longer the other night.

    I think you should take public transport in a dress Max. You never know – you may meet someone in a kilt.

    Merry Christmas.

  20. max

    That is hillarious Kitty. [And people say the bad kids do not have any fun.]

  21. max

    [psst, aj, change your home link it is still going to the old blog]

  22. This is so funny! It just hit me that I have to go face all the relatives this morning and once again go hide when I get, ” why didn’t you marry that doctor?” GRRRRRR I don’t feel alone so much because I have someone to play Santa for.

  23. Sophia

    Hope your Christmas was… merry (!), despite the dancing you had to do at your aunt’s. Glad you didn’t spend the day alone, although you have to admit Kitty tried very hard with that song of hers (I can’t believe I missed that! Can you imagine Kitty’s face? LOL). So, here’s my wish for you… may Christmas 2007 finds you dancing with Mirco all night long… with or without that dress (without. Without.). Cheers!

  24. max

    Wow. A Mirco Christmas would so work for me. Yay!

  25. I was just thinking about this post a couple of days ago.

    It’s funny all over again. I don’t think I can hear that song without thinking of you ever since we did that to you.

  26. max

    That pause after you found the song is one of the greatest pauses I have ever seen in my life. I still crack up.

  27. Oh, wow. Why do I see Mary Tyler Moore’s face when I imagine the woman in that video?

  28. max

    The squids are clouding your mind.

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