my very very very cool coaster


Okay maybe it says something —

About me that this is one of the coolest gifts I have ever gotten. A friend headed for parts Europe. [Yes, that is what we called it before all this “UK” sash. “Europe.”] She isn’t the kind of friend who feels compelled to bring back trinkets for everyone she knows every time she heads to parts Europe either. She goes there a lot. That would probably be exhausting. But she saw this and thought of me and brought it back for me.

It is a coaster.

And so fucking cool.


*i do not know which part is cooler that it was there or that my friend thought “max!”


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  1. She winked at me. I’m so glad you love the gift, one day I’ll find that umbrella you always wanted.

  2. max

    I love it so much.

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