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Max: Jan 08 2013 — The first company I hired, Get Friday [December 2012] did not work out.  In huge ways.  And Get Friday had beaten out Brickwork hands down going in on responsiveness during first contact so Ferriss’s book [where I picked this stuff up] recommends were dead soldiers, outdated and probably really impacted by popularity the book itself created.  Hey, when I was an assistant, I did not dictate to my boss when I would bother to work – and then do an unparalleled in inadequacy job when I did show up – which was what I was getting from Get Friday.  Resulting in me posting things on Facebook like, “Why the F*CK am I up at 7 AM pulling all nighters to fix the disaster someone who is supposed to be helping me just created?”

But.  I researched a lot, read a lot of forums and blogs [like here] and my ultimate take away was two companies were my best bets, Tasks Every Day and BPOVIA.



I found Tasks Every Day first and Tasks Every Day would have won early on if they didn’t require a 20 hour commitment per month going in.  I was not ready to do that going in so I kept going.  And found BPOVIA.  Which had a hell of a lot of good talk of mouth and also only required a 10 hour commitment going in.  With one bad commitment already on the books, paying a second company to come in who might be just as bad and slapping down cash for 20 hours to do it was not going to work, but I was willing to slap down another ten.  So the marriage between myself and BPOVIA was born.



I am so happy.  Everything about BPOVIA has been good.  They were back with me immediately, on their Sunday, with a manager talking to me and my new VA [that is “virtual assistant” if you are not in the know] talking to me [Skype, yay!, learn it love it live it] on their day off, and my new VA went and hit my sites that day to get a feel for them before going on the clock the next day.  He’s smart, he’s fast, he picks things up quickly, and I am here posting this at 1 AM because I am actually off at 1 AM because of him, instead of 5 AM.  And that doesn’t happen in my world.  I don’t stop work till work is done and before now, work wasn’t done until 5 AM.  And now in three short days time, and that includes training time, it does.  My entire world just changed.  For the better.



If you contact BPOVIA, tell them Max Adams says Cris Yeong rocks give him a raise – just don’t take him off Max Adams’ account.  [I am not kidding there, you get Cris pulled off my account, no jury will convict.]


*Excerpted From Comments: The Personal Outsourcing Olympics: Bangalore Butler or American Assistant?

*PS, if you do go looking for BPOVIA, use :::my link::: I am so sold I am going all affiliate here.

*Where the Art Work Comes From:
That is from Pycote


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  1. I’m so happy you finally found an assistant! We love 1am Max! 5am Max sounds a little cranky.

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