my tv dog


twister the pit bullYou knew —

Once I got a TV boyfriend I had to get a TV dog too right?

Your perfect TV dog is —

Backup from Veronica Mars.


You want a smart, rough dog to protect you, even though you’re perfectly capable of protecting yourself. Backup is very loyal and, as his name suggests, he’s always there to help you out. He’s not afraid to bite, but when surrounded by good people, he’s extremely pleasant.


:::who is your tv dog?:::


*there were no good backup photos so i had to get a stand in that is twister the pit bull from radio activity

*hmm, it looks like i like the same thing in dogs that i like in men, large, muscular, charming, and can kick ass


12 Responses to my tv dog

  1. I got Comet from Full House.
    I have never seen that show but I’ll take any dog.

  2. The most loyal of all dogs. Funny, my dogs are so loyal, they jump out of other people’s laps and come to me if I’m in the room.

    Hey you know what, Max? I think it might be time to start looking at our horoscopes again. I hear there are great things up ahead for capricorns. Don’t kill me for changing the subject (again) but it is time to go back to that well.

  3. max

    Not Susan. We can do horoscopes but no Susan just eschew Susan the end.

    Constellation Chamber is cool but it is only half complete so half the horoscopes are not there and that includes Cap and Aquarius still I think.

    [Loke was a Golden I love Goldens.]

  4. Backup from Veronica Mars – a “smart rough” dog.

  5. Sister Pot & Kettle

    I got Paul Anka from Gilmore Girls. I kinda dig on him so I was totally alright with that. :-)

  6. Who doesn’t want a “rough dog?”

  7. max

    [She is right though.]

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