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jared padalecki and jensen acklesOoh la la —

My TV boyfriend is Dean Winchester.


“Your boyfriend is tried and true, reliable and dependable. He may be a bit unemotional and stoic, but you know he’ll take care of you like no other. He’s the classic down-home, salt-of-the-earth type of guy who is unpretentious, and values his loved ones over all else. He’ll even help you hunt your demons.”

:::who is your tv boyfriend?:::



[This is pretty funny Dean has shown up around here before.]


where i found that quiz :
i got that at pooks’

27 Responses to my tv boyfriend

  1. Ho, ho, I think I beat you. HOUSE!

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  3. Kym

    I never even heard of the guy and now I can’t remember his name and he looked about 12…no wonder I’m faithful to my husband.

  4. max

    House is hot but I would go for Dean over House so this is really working for me.

    Kym sheesh you would be all over this if it said Jayne Cobb.

  5. Kym

    yep, I totally dis this quiz. If it doesn’t know Jayne and I were meant for each other, then it is not reliable at all.

  6. Jim Halpert, although I would have prefered House.

  7. sulya

    Peter Petrelli from Heroes

    Your man has amazing powers and not just things like flying and telekinesis. He is sensitive and compassionate; he is idealistic to a fault. He can be a tad gullible but he will do anything for you. He’ll even take a bullet for you. Good thing he is also self-healing.

    I think I can live with this just fine thank you (wink)

  8. I kind of like the evil guy from Heroes. Which explains my dating history.

  9. max

    That would be the guy who cut open people’s heads and yanked out their brains? Yeah. That could put a damper on a relationship. He was the smartest though he had that going for him.

  10. Well, one must have priorities.

  11. who is Dan Humphrey? oh well it wouldn’t be the first time i slept with a total stranger.

  12. Michael Scofield from Prison Break?
    What is this- a computer game guy or something?

  13. I too got House! Goddamn it!

    I’ve already lived with a guy who looked like him, and he was anything but hot!

    If I would have known Rain back in the day I would have set her up.

  14. Oh, that came across wrong! I meant, his personality left a lot to be desired. But Rain would have found him physically hot.

  15. max

    A good deal of House’s charm is his personality combined with an ability that gives him a great deal of power. He is sort of like a MASH surgeon dropped into a regular hospital.

    Blete, LOL

    If you do not know who you got you can find out pretty fast by going to google images and googling the name. Sheesh. Look up your TV boyfriends.

  16. max

    [stil, are you talking about the mantis?]

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  18. Sister Pot & Kettle

    I got Dan Humphrey. Eh. I mean, I like Gossip Girl and all (which I should NOT admit), but if I have to choose from those boys, I want baddie Chuck Bass.

    (Tis Pants, btw.)

  19. max

    Pants why are you incognito?

  20. Yes – the Mantis!

    A spitting image of House!

  21. max

    Oh no. No wonder you have House aversion.

  22. I was curious whom I would get, although I’m not really attracted to men. I got House, too. That’s just alarming.

  23. Tess

    But he’s mine

  24. max

    Oh I see trouble brewing.

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