my tax frenzy is embarassed


taxes_dueSo I am in total —

Tax frenzy meltdown. Sobbing into my beverage, whatever that may be, and this has been going on for days and let me tell you, choosing alcohol as the beverage of choice during tax frenzy never exactly works out you pay later by having to redo EVERYTHING so it is mostly coffee. Or at least tonight it is.

God. Damn. It.

But once again. Tax. FRENZY.


I really hate this. I am not good at it. It feels completely out of control. It takes me days just thinking about it and freaking out about it to really start putting things down on paper and gathering documents.

I decide at the height of this I am going to take a photo of this mayhem for posterity.


There are after all papers all the fuck over and receipts in piles and it is tax frenzy right?


The photo is an absolute disappointment.

[I am not even going to show it to you. That is how disappointing and embarrassing it is.]

It does not look frenzied.

It looks like about twenty five stacks of neatly sorted documents next to one box of paperwork that has clearly been rifled pulling out said documents and also five clearly labeled manilla folders.


That does not look like frenzy.


The Tax Frenzy photo is so mocking my pain.



Okay you knew I’d break down and show you though, right?

Tax Frenzy!

Tax Frenzy!

But wait, here it is where you can see the box! Look at the BOX! AHHHH!

Tax Frenzy Mit Box!

Tax Frenzy Mit Box!

You know that box is so frenzied. Totally. Look at it. LOOK. AT. IT!




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