my sundance doppelganger


Over on Twitter @Variety posted a gallery thing and there’s this photo of this woman in there with no name [okay she has a name, Margot Robbie] and — she looks like me.


Yeah yeah yeah, I know, usually I have duckface and am eating a hotdog in shots of me.


But she does look like me.

Damn you, @Variety, there can be only one!



[Unless she has a really spectacular expense account, that might be useful.]

[Also I really need to up my game and start looking all sultry instead of hungry for hot dogs in photos.]

[The above hotdog photo was taken by Chesh.]



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  1. Baby! There is nothing so sexy as a woman eating hotdogs – even when she’s kept my black socks! You are unique in the world… in fact the world is not ready for another…. Have a good day and laugh often as you have made me laugh…Chris

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