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unmade bed lilo raymondI love my bed.

When I bought it I was buying something big enough to hold me, one small cat, two large dogs, and a stack of manuscripts and books. The dogs had their own beds but Loke was scared of wind and whenever there were wind storms — there are a lot of wind storms in canyons — it was a rule, everyone piled on the bed.

I am not in canyons anymore so no wind storms and also Loke is gone. But I still have this great big bed that is big enough for dogs, cats, a library, and me. And, it is warm.

The warm part happened in February. February is my birthday month and a friend gave me a mattress warmer you put on the mattress just like a mattress cover only it has fun cords and controls [that are probably not feng shui] and you push a button and the whole bed warms up. Okay really only half, there are two sides of controls and one side is where the little computer likes to hang and I do not think warm bed and little computer mix so I do not warm up that side.

But Max and warm really mix and I push that little button and climb in between warm sheets and just drift.

[Is it a problem a computer has its own side of the bed?]


where the art work comes from :
that is unmade bed by lilo raymond
and that is the best link i can find for him

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  1. no, it’s a problem when the computer tries to crowd you out of your side of the bed

  2. I am currently sleeping on either a box spring with memory foam drapped across it/couch in a sleeping bag/under my desk on a comforter. Your tales of fancy beddom fill me with jealousy so keen you could slice a Pomegranate with it.

  3. My grandmother was saved by my cat when her electic blanket caught fire. Dirt (the cat) jumped on her chest and miawed repeatedly in her face until she woke up and saw the smoke.

    I bought a new electic blanket recently. It’s still in the box – but not for long.

    If I had a laptop, it too would have it’s own side of the bed.

  4. max

    Valliant I could be lured into sharing you would not even have to maim innocent pomegranates to lure me to that probably.

    Vanessa it is very strange, it is not hot to the touch, it is like a heat ventriloguist it throws the heat in between blankets but is never exactly hot itself.

  5. a heat ventriloquist . . . nice

  6. Sounds like my room- notebooks, book, laptop the cats and the dogs…it’s all about priorities isn’t it?



  7. max

    I thought you were slipping, Anita. Shoulda known that could not happen.

  8. I have bed envy. In order to get my child out of my bed, I gave him the big comfy bed and got a twin for myself. I still manage to have it covered in books and a laptop. I want that warmer thing though. I need it, yeah it’s a need.

  9. max

    Well I made a rule one time no books or script stacks on the bed and I have stuck by that, but the computer and the bed have bonded.

  10. Is it a problem a computer has its own side of the bed?]

    No but it’s a problem when you start calling it “honey.”

  11. max

    Well that has not happened I am in the clear yay!

  12. Don’t worry, your computer will still respect you in the morning…

  13. Wow. We have clearly come a long way in terms of electric blanket technology. Knowing my grandmother, she would have had that same blanket since 1962. I really ought to take mine out of its box and see if it’s nifty like yours. It’s getting cold enough to try it out now.

    [dreams of a laptop bed partner]

  14. max

    Here are heated mattress covers — these people also have pet pads if Pumpkin is feeling deprived.

  15. A lot of people have them in Australia. Are they not so common in the US? I’d have thought they’d be hugely popular, seeing as it’s a cooler climate in most areas.

  16. max

    I do not know. They are decadent and violate the Protestant ethic of sleeping stoicly in as uncomfortable a situation as you can that Valliant is perfecting.

  17. Oh, thank you, I looked them over but I think I’ll pass for now. Pumpkin is a strange creature and sleeps on objects not designated for her.

  18. I am glad I did not say “sleeps with objects not designated for her.” I see a bad joke ahead.

  19. I am getting one, thanks for the link.

  20. Did someone say “bad joke ahead”?

  21. No, we were not talking about you, Firm. lol

    Do you like goose down comforters, Max? Those are quite warm and cozy, too.

  22. max

    That is funny, Firm is the first person I thought of when I saw that.

    I am all about down comforters and pillows.

  23. “No, we were not talking about you, Firm. lol”

    Deprived of my one purpose in life.

    “That is funny, Firm is the first person I thought of when I saw that.”

    I’m the first person you thought of when you thought about down comforters and pillows?

    Max, you really should aim higher.

  24. max

    Um, no, Firm, when Stilletto said “bad joke.” Not because you are a bad joke, but because you tell so many of them.

  25. Oddly enough, like John the Baptist, that one didn’t go over my head.

  26. That is what our lives have been reduced to!

    Darn these Computers!


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