my new ghost

I have a new ghost. I figured out something was up when right after I moved in the elevator told me the building was on fire [it wasn’t] take the stairs [I didn’t] and then the doors in the trash bay loading dock locked me out on the loading dock.

You could say these were just little electronic building glitches. A fob malfunctioning. An elevator recording playing when it isn’t supposed to be playing. But then there are the things that go missing and the things that move.

It hid my coffee lid in the bottom of a dryer bag in the back of a top pantry shelf. [That took a while to find.]

It hid my UV sterilizer’s remote in a box under the bathroom sink in the back of the cabinet. [That took a really long while to find.]

It got excitable one night swinging a blind pull repeatedly out 3 inches from the wall. But I was in bed and I have seen ghosts before and was just not getting out of bed for some dumb swinging blind pull.

[I am probably a very disappointing ghost audience.]

I don’t leave small sharp objects out around the coffee. I don’t think it is malicious. Just sort of a trickster. But what if it doesn’t know a sharp object in coffee would be not funny but actually disastrous? What do ghosts remember or know? I do not know. So no sharp objects out by the coffee.

Also. Stay away from my keys!

Your Me & My Ghost Adams Girl

2 Responses to my new ghost

  1. Debbie G

    How exciting! You need a remote camera so you can catch things happening! There are a bunch of pet cameras that could work for a pet ghost.

  2. seemaxrun

    Ah, jeez, no cameras. I’m mostly about ignoring what I can maybe without attention they will get bored and hang somewhere else.

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