my new crush


Well Sean Bean

Went off and got married. [All my dreams are dead.] Fortunately I have been pulled from depths of despair by Aaron Eckhart. [That is him right there.] Who mostly is in films I do not see but I can fix that.

[Thank You for Smoking is funny as hell go watch that.]


*i am traumatized i will probably have to see the new batman movie now which looks very dark uh oh

*rain and stil who know way more things hollywood than i do [oh irony where do i live again?] will show any second to tell me he slept with the nanny or something jeez stop that denial is my friend


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  1. Dan

    I like Eckhart…I even feel really bad that he was unfortunate enough to be in the god-awful movie based on The Black Dahlia.

    As far as I know, Max, he’s a pretty upright guy.

  2. Don’t give up on Sean…he’s such a bad boy
    wink wink wink

  3. max

    That is an endorsement? Yipes.

  4. conundrum

    He is delicious…I’m thinking he is a closeted gay boy. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.

  5. Dan

    Now that I think about it….he does have a certain Sean Beanishness about him.

  6. I loved Thank You For Smoking!

  7. Is it pronounced “shorn born”, “sheen been”, “sheen born”, “shorn been”, “seen been”, or “seen born”?

    I’ve always been a little confused about that.

  8. max

    Okay there is no Irish in Gully for sure.

    Woe, isn’t it great? I laughed hard that does not happen a lot.

    Dan, yes, another rackish blonde. Technically I am am swoony for brunettes so I do not know where this blonde phase is coming from.

    Con, take that back. Or I will make things up to get you in trouble.

  9. Dan

    I’m usually all about the brunettes, too, Max. But, sometimes you just can’t resist a good (or bad) blonde.

  10. max

    Oh cool then you will still love me if I go brunette again? I have been thinking about it.

    [I have no idea how that will work, a brunette having a celluloid blonde website. Jeesh, such complications.]

  11. Oooh if you liked the film Thank You for Smoking then pick up the book. Have a copy in hardcover that I picked up when it was released.
    Ummmm speaking of true love that would be during the time I was married. The first time.

    Addendum: don’t you dare go brunette. you’ll crush me.

  12. Dan

    Of course I’d still love you. What a silly question that was.

    You could always claim to be Max’s evil identical cousin…you know, like Serena on “Bewitched.”

  13. max

    “Of course I’d still love you.”


    Wait, Rachael, why would me going brunette crush you? I am so confused.

    I will look for the book. After Nicholl reading is over. Why do fun books always appear when I am buried in scripts and reading for fun is so not an option? Toni’s new book is out too and her last book sat on a shelf waiting for me for two months. And so will this one. Damn. It.

    [Go see, you can win Toni’s new book at that link.]

  14. Actually, nobody seems to have a bad word to say about Aaron Eckhart, which is NOT like Sean Bean. Bean is dead sexy, and a very good actor as well, but he likes domestic arrangements that are anything but peaceful. And he likes them with women who make George Clooney look like a cougar chaser!

  15. max

    Wow, nothing? Is that even legal in Hollywood?

  16. He may once have littered, but that’s about it. No wonder he’s not headlining.

  17. max

    A nice guy? In Hollywood? Someone check Revelations and see if that is in there this is making me nervous.

  18. Very inconsiderate of Sean to get married again without me.

  19. OH MY GOD! I was in the middle of writing a post about Sean Bean and I being soulmates cuz I dreamt about it. He got married???????

    I need more wine. Excuse me.

  20. max

    He did.

    Save some wine for me.

  21. I own that movie, but sadly, not him. Heh heh heh

  22. Do you realize this is Bean’s FOURTH time at the altar? Oh my! What’s wrong with him! As my mother would say, He’s defective!

  23. max

    My dad has been married at least four times and this last one appears to be taking. Maybe Bean just needed practice?

  24. max

    [i am charitable when it comes to matters of the heart — i cannot throw a lot of stones sigh]

  25. Yeah. Practice. That’s it.

    You are sooooo charitable, Ms. Adams.

    Pssst. Don’t go brunette!

  26. max

    You are so pro blonde. Funny girl.

    [you know i am pretty sure i am a better looking brunette than blonde, more striking at any rate, though i really like the blonde]

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