my nefarious hairdresser


hair_salon_2I go stumbling —

Into my salon today. I do this after pulling an all nighter and the only reason I am ambulatory is, it seemed like a good idea to drop off things going out shipping before falling into bed. Then it seemed like a good idea to make a hair appointment. Only the online hair appointment thingamajig went off on me. So I walk on over.

They know me there. So it’s no surprise to them I am stumbling in at a disgustingly early hour, barely dressed, saying, Say can we put this on the books?

What I am not expecting is, Oh yez, today, think you can make it back in five hours?

[Also they know where I live, they’ll come roust me if I don’t show. Ahhh!]

I say yes.

I will have very pretty roots later in the day.


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