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walkwayThere are some —

Key phrases and words in Hollywood that always mean you are being lied to. Here are a few of my favorites :

Honestly… [always means something is up]
Frankly… [always means something is up]
I am on your side…. [oh you are so sold down the river now]
I fought for you…. [i cried like a baby and ran while genuflecting backward and promising your soul to satan]

I wonder what words are being tossed at writers by the AMPTP right now.


[Probably nothing as incorrigibly inaccurate and preposterous as what the L.A. Times has been publishing about the strike but oh well that is another story.]


[In case you are not in the know and why would you be unless you are a film or television writer the AMPTP has returned to the negotiating table for “tentative talks” and every time they do return to the table they want a “press black out” — the last couple times they wanted a press black out they had a press release written before they showed for the meeting and faxed to papers .05 seconds after they walked out so I am real skeptical of this press black out stuff but we will see.]


[During press black outs members are supposed to curb their comments and not say anything inflammatory. That was curbed, right?]


where the art work comes from :
that is walkway by deceptive

8 Responses to my favorites

  1. Yeah, they’re “blacked-out” all right…

  2. “Tentative” talks? That is a new phrase to me.

  3. Honestly yes I thought you did curb your comments.

  4. max

    Wow I call that sass.

  5. Yeah…there wasn’t enough Midol to stop that one from hopping on a freight train and riding it straight into town.

  6. max


    You so crack me up.

  7. Sarcasm. It’s what’s for breakfast!

  8. not just in hollywood Max…those are the same everywhere

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