my director cracks me up


I sign —

A lot of my email “m.”

My director signs a lot of his email “m.”

The other day I get email from him. He has changed his sig. It is now “tall m.”

I write back and sign off “short m.”


where the art work comes from :
that is from arsian

0 Responses to my director cracks me up

  1. Kym

    You know, I hate when you do this–promise a part two and then drag it out.

  2. max

    Oops. Surly Kym. Now I have done it.

  3. max

    [This is going to get worse when you find out there is a part III right?]

  4. Kym

    I don’t mind so much if there is a part 4 but part 2 better be here tomorrow.

  5. max

    LOL — Say, that sounded almost menacing.

  6. Yay! Cool movie stuff.

  7. Well, that shows how out of it I am. I didn’t know you had a director, much less that he’s “me” so now I at least know he’s “tall m” so I’m feeling slightly better.


  8. aj

    You are indirectly calling me short.

  9. max

    Well doy, AJ. It is all about you.

  10. aj

    I could have put my life savings (which is all of $3.92) on that being your next comment.

  11. max

    You will have to be faster next time you would be swimming in loot.

  12. aj

    Instead I must sit here and dream of a life with eight bucks.

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