my crush on steve mcqueen

I have a new neighbor dog. He is small and brown with wiry fur and a boxy nose. I see him on my way out of the building to smoke. He lives right on the corner by the doors I go through and I smoke often and he is outside in his patio spot often so we see each other often. His name is Steve McQueen.

I am impressed by his name. I asked him if he has a fast car. He did not answer. He likes to be a dog of mystery.

I have a pretty big crush on Steve McQueen. He is always quiet and happy to see me and I always say hi and he always comes to the fence to say hello.

Steve has a roommate, Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy is not as chill as Steve. Ziggy is a small white dog probably also a terrier mix with black spots and unruly curls. Ziggy is really excitable and barks at me a lot. I think he misses the stage.

Ziggy barking might just make Steve McQueen look good in contrast. I think I would have a crush on Steve McQueen either way though. His eyes are smart and kind and he is always happy to see me.

Ditto, Steve McQueen.

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