my charming upstairs neighbor


girl from ohio by michael garlingtonI hear a loud voice —

The voice of a young man stumbling off from the bars, talking too loud like drunk too loud young men do, wandering towards my building’s entrance.

“Let’s break something. I want to break something.”

That voice I do not recognize. I recognize the second voice though. My charming upstairs neighbor.

He wants to break something too.

They stumble around looking for something to break.

And talking.

Too loud.

It is all about how much fun it is beating up fags. Going to gay bars and beating up fags.

They never find anything to break.

They stumble inside and upstairs.


where the art work comes from :
that is girl from ohio by michael garlington

8 Responses to my charming upstairs neighbor

  1. Conundrum

    That kind of bigotry mades me sad and angry.

    On the other hand, they are drunk, the gays have been in the gym pumping iron for hours on end…maybe now the odds are not in favor of the drunks.

  2. I can’t even squeeze an ounce of laughter out of “going to gay bars and beating up fags.”

    This is your neighbor? Max you really have a…colorful bunch of people residing in that building of yours – colorful – and PYSCHO!

  3. max

    He has ceased even to appear human to me he is more like very strange performance art.

  4. you could almost make me love my redneck neighbors, Max

  5. @conundrum

    yeah, something these knuckleheads forget when they get to thinking they could take on a gay man, is that the operative word is MAN.

    the gay part is incidental once the fists start flying.

    good point about the gym (that i laughed at)

  6. Ginny

    In my mind, I like to think that after they stumbled up the stairs, they turned, looked into each other’s eyes, and made out like teenagers. Methinks thou doth protest too much…

  7. haha right on, Ginny

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