my celebrity soul mate


Your —

Celebrity soul mate is —

Jude Law.

[Hey I can so live with that.]

[Also why doesn’t this guy have a website I can find?]

:::who’s your celebrity soul mate:::

[No cheating and subbing in Adam Baldwin Kym I am so on to your tricks.]


*sorry, guys, this one is just for girls — unless you are into man type creatures then have at it


0 Responses to my celebrity soul mate

  1. Fuck, why’d you take Law?

    I got stuck with:
    You scored as a Adrian Brody.


  2. LOL – me too – Adrian Brody. But he tied with Dane Cook and Zac Efron. I get a threesome.

  3. Damn! I got Mr. Brody as well. He’s gonna be seeing more action than he has in yeeeeaaars!!!

  4. sulya

    I’m thinkin’ Mr. Brody’s PR team are responsible for this quiz….

    My second down was Dane Cook… I have no idea who he is but he’s givin’ off a stand up comedy vibe… My third down was Justin Timberlake (seriously?)

  5. I looked him up – he is an actor/stand-up comic guy –

  6. Dane Cook was my Soul Mate.
    I’m in the mood to abuse somebody tonight- may as well be someone I don’t know.

  7. Kym

    My celebrity soul mate is Max Adams. . .I hear she’s some hot shot screenwriter.

    But she better not get between me and Jayne.

  8. max

    Woohoo! C’mere you little red headed vixen.

  9. max

    [By the way, does Zee know you guys are getting all this Brody action? She had a hot crush on him before he started wandering around with too much gold jewelry around his neck and driving a hummer.]

  10. Zee can have my share of Brody.

  11. max

    You are such a giver.

  12. Don’t get a nanny, max.

    I got Adrian “the town bicycle” Brody, Dane Cook, and Colin Farrell. Of the three, I’d only have Farrell, and that only recreationally. Although I hear he’s quite good.

  13. Well, if I ever did start swinging that way, I got Brody, Dane Cook, Donald Trump, Justin Timberlake and Johnny Knoxville.

    That probably answers the subconscious reasons I’m straight.

    Dane Cook ain’t that funny, either.

  14. max

    I am beginning to think this quiz is a ploy by Brody PR people.

  15. I got stuck on “Size Doesn’t Matter.” Were they talking about height or weight?

    Jude Law is a great choice. That is, if you’re into men who are into couple swinging and screwing the nanny!

  16. max

    Jeez. Way to stomp a fantasy, Stil.

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