my bloody parables


take_meI speak in parables. A lot.

It is how I talk. I tell a story, or incidence. There is a purpose behind it. A meaning. Sometimes people get it. Sometimes they do not.

Suits do not get it.


I think the parable thing is why I am so good at pitching and telling people how to pitch. [Irony!] Pitching, you cannot tell a story in parable. I learned really fast in pitching I had to talk backwards of how I speak. Because suits don’t get parable. Suits have to hear “fact.” And maybe that worked out and was clearer to me going in simply because it was so completely reversed from the way I communicate.


I do not know quite how I ended up speaking in parable. It may have been a way to test out the waters when you had to say something rough but were not quite sure whether the adult in question who was not quite right would react. So you test it out. You tell a story. You see how that hits first. It’s fiction. Nobody gets beat up for fiction. [Usually.] And if that works out? Maybe you can talk real stuff. And if it doesn’t? Wait for another day — and another parable.


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